Parshall Howell II1,2,3,4,5

M, b. 23 March 1788, d. 30 August 1849
FatherParshall Howell I b. 1760, d. a 1796
MotherCharity Mather [Marther] b. c 1763
     Parshall was born on Sunday, 23 March 1788 in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. Parshall married Elizabeth Horton, daughter of William Horton and Elizabeth Masters, on 2 September 1810 in Minisink Town, Orange County, New York. Parshall lived in Orange County, New York in School District 6 (Minisink & Wawayanda) - 1810-1815 [Ruttenber: History of Orange County]. This property could have been part of the estate of William Horton. He is noted in Stickney as selling the land to David Lain [Liber Y, page 33]. It should be noted that Kezia Mather [1749], d/o Increase & niece to Ebenezer married William Lain and lived in Minisink. David was their son.
Parshall & his family are found in Hainsville, Sandyton Twp., Sussex Co., New Jersey having erected a dwelling & a store in 1824 from land transferred to him from John Shay & one year later converted it into a hotel. That same year Parshall is listed as the Postmaster for Sandyton. Mr. Howell was a popular landlord & merchant of this place. Squire Everett purchased the farm & tavern in the Spring of 1833. [Sussex County, New Jersey by Snell pp. 4290.423,424b] Sandyton Twp. is the second township south of New York bordered on the west by Pennsylvania & the Deleware River on the east.
Parshall & his family left Hainsville on 3 September 1838 to relocate in Dexter, Washtenaw County, Michigan. He also owned 320 acres in Section 21 of White Oak - he never lived on this land. The 1830 U.S. Federal Census enumerates at Hainsville, Sandyton Township, Sussex County, New Jersey, the family of Parshall Howell [0202001:2020001].6 The 1840 U.S. Federal Census enumerates at North Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan, the family of Parshall Howel [12021001:0120001].7 Parshall made his will on 22 May 1844 at Dexter, Washtenaw County, Michigan.

In the name of God, Amen. I, Parshall Howell, of the township of Dexter in the County of Washtenaw and the State of Michigan, being in good bodily health, and of sound and disposing mind and memory. Calling to mind the frailty and uncertainty of human life, and being desirous of setting my worldly affairs, directing now the estate with which has pleased God to bless me shall be disposed of after my decease, while I have strength and capacity so to do, do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking and making null and void all other last will and testaments by me heretofore made. And first I commence my immortal being to Him who gave it, and my body to the earth to be buried with little expense or ostentation by my executors hereinafter named.
Imprimis, My is that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall by my executors hereinafter named, paid out of my estate as soon after my decease as shall by them be found convenient.
1st Item. I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Elizabeth Howell all my household furniture. And all the personal estate of whatsoever name or nature that shall be at that time of my decease at, upon or belonging upon the farm which I now live upon in the township of Dexter aforesaid. Also all of the said farm with its privileged and appurtenances, to have and hold the said real and personal estate in the quiet and personable possession and enjoyment of her. The said Elizabeth as long as she shall remain my widow and no longer.
2nd Item. I give, devise and bequeath to my two daughters, Hetty Howell and Louisa Howell jointly my tract of land situated in the county of Ingham in aforesaid being the East half of the section number twenty-one in the Township No. Two East. To have and to hold the same together with all the profit and income thereof to them. The said Hetty and Louisa, their heirs and assigns forever provided that the said premises shall be sold by me during my life time then the proceeds of such sale is to belong and be given to them the said Hetty and Louisa. ------
3rd Item. I give, devise, and bequeath to my son Charles Howell the equal undivided half of my store and lot in the Village of East Unadilla in the County of Livingston in the state aforesaid -- known as the "John Drake" property to have and to hold the same with the privileges and appurtenances unto the said Charles Howell, his heirs and assigns forever.
4th Item. I give, devise, and bequeath to my three sons and one daughter namely Chauncy Howell, Benjamin Howell, Nelson Howell, and Mandy Howell the reversion or remainder of all my said farm in the Township of Dexter aforesaid with all the privileges and appurtenances these unto belonging and all the profit, income and advantage that may result there from, from and after the decease or marriage of my beloved wife, Elizabeth Howell, also all the personal estate that shall remain thereon at the decease or marriage of my said wife. To have and to hold the same and every part thereof unto the said Chauncy Howell, Benjamin Howell, Nelson Howell, and Mandy Howell, their heirs and assigns and to their mutual support benefit and behoove from and after the decease or marriage of my said wife, "to their use and behoove forever, provided that if my said wife should die or marry before the youngest of the said children shall arrive at the age of twenty one years. Then the said property shall be and remain in the hands of my executors hereinafter named for the mutual support of them the said Chauncy, Benjamin, Nelson, and Mandy. Until the youngest of the said children shall arrive at the years of his majority then to be equally divided by my said executors between the said four children so many of them as shall then be living.
5th Item. All the rest and residue of my estate real, personal, or mixed of which I shall die seized and possessed, or to which I shall be entitled at the time of my decease. I give, devise and bequeath to be equally divided and among all my children that shall be living - and, Lastly, I do nominate and appoint my two sons William H. Howell and George Howell to be executors of this my last will and testament. -----------
In testimony thereof I the said Parshall Howell have to this my last will and testament subscribe my name and affixed my seal this twenty second day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and forty four. Signed, sealed and declared by the said Parshall Howell to be his Last Will & Testament in the presence of us, who at his request and presence have subscribed our names as witnesses hereto, David Childs, Thos. Martin, A.D. Crane.8

Parshall departed this life on Thursday, 30 August 1849 in Dexter, Washtenaw County, Michigan. He died from typhoid fever.
Obituary: In Dexter on the 30th ult., [1849/08/30] Parshall Howell, aged 62 years. [Michigan Argus, Ann Arbor, Michigan - Wednesday, 12 September 1849] He was buried at Eaton Rapids, Eaton County, Michigan, in the Hamlin Township Cemetery. Parshall was first buried on his farm in Dexter. His body & others of his family were removed to Easton Rapids when his son Nelson moved there in the early 1870's. A large monument marks the site of the graves. On 3 October 1850, he was listed on the United States Federal Census Mortallity Schedule at Dexter, Washtenaw County, Michigan. Partial Howell - age: 54 years; married; born: New Jersey; died: July 1849; died: Washtenaw County, Michigan; merchant; died: of Nervous Fever; ill for 30 days.9


Elizabeth Horton b. 29 May 1795, d. 12 May 1863


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