Jean Guyon1

M, b. circa 18 September 1592, d. 30 May 1663
     Jean was born in Tourouvre, Orne, Normandy, France. He was the son of Jacques Guyon and Marie Huet. He was christened there on 18 September 1592 in St-Aubin Church.2 By the year 1615, Jean had become an accomplished mason and was given the task of constructing a 30 step stone staircase to the bell tower of St Aubin Church. Soon after, he moved to Mortagne because of the restorative work needed there after the devastation caused during the Religious Wars [1562-1598]. It was here that he built his reputation as a stone mason.3 Jean married Mathurine Robin on 2 June 1615 in Mortagne-au-Perche, Orne, Normandy, France, at the church of Notre Dame.4 By 1634, Jean had become a master mason of high repute and was also a surveyor. Because of his skills he was recruited by Robert Giffard to be a part of an undertaking to help to build the infrastructure of New France [Quebec]. He agreed to the arrangement offered him, which included a three year contract to work in Quebec. He, along with his oldest son, Jean, and over thirty other contract skilled craftman and workers left the port of Dieppe on 4 March 1634, arriving in Quebec 3 months later on 4 June. Two year later in 1636, his wife and the rest of his children, except for Barbe, joined him in New France.5 Jean's wife, Mathurine, died on 16 April 1662 in ville de Quebec, Quebec, Canada, leaving him a widower. Jean departed this life on Wednesday, 30 May 1663 in ville de Quebec. He was buried there in the cemetery of Notre Dame on Thursday, 31 May 1663.6


Mathurine Robin d. 16 Apr 1662


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    In 1636, Jean Guyon's wife Mathurine Robin and their children, Simon, Marie, Claude, Denis and Michel (who was born days before his father signed the three-year contract to work for Giffard in New France) departed Mortagne for Canada. Their oldest daughter Barbe emigrated from Mortagne in 1652 with her husband Pierre Paradis and their 5 children. -
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