Sarah (?)1,2

F, d. after 1673/74
     Sarah married 2nd Henry Whitney in 1656 in Huntington, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. She was 1st married to Edward Ketcham.3 Sarah's husband, Henry, died before 8 November 1673 in Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut, leaving her a widow. Sarah departed this life after 1673/74.


Henry Whitney b. c 1620, d. b 8 Nov 1673


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  2. [S344] Josephine C Frost, Ancestors of James Wickham and his Wife Cora Prudence Billard, page 183 - Mass., in 1635, and made Freeman there March 9, 1637. Nothing further is found of him in that state and he was without doubt the Edward of Southold, L. I., who owned land there prior to 1651. The earliest records of Southold are lost and those that remain are published in two volumes, which commence with the description of lands owned by the inhabitants of the village, and on page 4, where it enumerates the different pieces of property held by William Wells, it states, "part of it being Lt. Budd's land and the highway that separates the lot of Edward Ketcham's from it," which proves that Edward was a land owner prior to 1651. On page 6 may be found that on August 8, 1654, William Wells purchased eight acres from Ensign Alexander Bryan of Milford, Conn., which were Edward Ketcham's in Southold.
    In the description of land on page 9, owned by Thomas Mapes, 1652, is mentioned a certain parcel beginning from Edward Ketcham's.
  3. [S52] S. Whitney Phoenix, The Whitney Family of Connecticut and Its Affiliations, pages 1-10 - The first mention of his wife is found in the Huntington Court records from which it appears he married Sarah, the widow of Edward Ketchum. She was not his first wife since his son was of full age in 1666.