Marie-Marguerite Germain dit Belisle

F, b. 7 July 1752, d. 20 January 1832
FatherAntoine de Padoue Germain dit Belisle b. c 5 Apr 1706, d. 5 Apr 1768
MotherMarie-Anne Gouin b. 6 Jul 1719, d. 4 Jan 1794
     Marie-Marguerite was born on Friday, 7 July 1752 in Deschambault, Portneuf County, Quebec, Canada, at the Manor of Chevrotiere. She was christened on the same day there in the church of St-Joseph.1 Marie-Marguerite married Francois Merand, son of Louis Mayrand and Marie-Madeleine Brunette, on 22 January 1776 in Deschambault at the church of St-Joseph.2 Marie-Marguerite's husband, Francois, died on 7 February 1821 in Ste-Anne-de-La-Perade, Champlain County, Quebec, Canada, leaving her a widow. Marie-Marguerite departed this life on Friday, 20 January 1832 in Ste-Anne-de-La-Perade at age 79 years, 6 months and 13 days. She was buried there in the cemetery of Ste-Anne-de-La-Perade on Monday, 23 January 1832.3


Francois Merand b. 26 Aug 1745, d. 7 Feb 1821


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