Simon Ffyske1,2

M, b. circa 1452, d. before 18 July 1505
FatherGeoffrey Ffyske b. c 1428, d. b 13 May 1504
MotherMargaret (?) d. b 13 May 1504
     Simon was born circa 1452 in Laxfield, County Suffolk, England. Simon probably had a first marriage by which he had a son John. Simon married Joan (?) in England. Simon & Joan had three daughters. Simon made his will on 25 June 1505.

Symon Fiske of Freston [co. Suffolk], being of good and hole mynd,” dated 25 June 1505. My soul to God and my body to be buried in the churchyard of Freston. Legacies to the high alter, to the reparation of the church, to the high alter of Dersham, to the repair of the same church, to the Black Friars of Donwych [Donwich, co. Suffolk], to the Grey Friars there , and to the Friars of Oxford [co. Suffolk]. To my brother, Master John Fyske, 10 marks, to sing for my soul and my friends souls for a year. To each godchild 12d. To John Sparke, my servant, a “coombe” of rye. To Thos. Sewalle, my servant, 40d. To Alys Coke, servamt, a sheep. To mother Reynolde a half “comb” of malt. My wife Joan is to have my tenement in Dersham and lands in Dersham and Westylton [Westleton, co. Suffolk], and all household stuff, kine, ewes, etc. on condition that my children have meat, drink, and clothing till they be able to go to service and that she make no claim for dower.On my wife's death the household goods [are to be divided] between my children. Each of my three daughters is to have 5 marks at marriage or [at the age of ] twenty years. My house in Freston and lands are to be sold to carry out my will.. The residue [is to be used]to pay my debts, etc., and any overplus [is to be used] for the good of my soul. Executors: Robert Knyts of Gr. Glemham and Richard Umfrey of Medylton [Middleton, co. Suffolk]. Supervisor: my brother Master John Fyske. To each of them 10s. and their costs and labor “according to Ryght”.3

Simon departed this life in Freston. His will was probated on 18 July 1505.


Joan (?)


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