William Ffyske1,2,3

M, b. circa 1506, d. before 30 January 1579
FatherGeoffrey Ffyske b. c 1472
MotherAlice Dalling b. c 1480
     William was born circa 1506 in Laxfield, County Suffolk, England. They resided in Laxfield, County Suffolk, England. He had to flee the country during the reign of Queen Mary to avoid persecution. The name of his wife is not known but she died before 1575. They resided in St. Michaels, South Elmham, County Suffolk. William made his will on 10 October 1575.

William Fyske of the parish of St. Michael's of South Elmham [co. Suffolk], “whelewright” dated 10 October 1575. My soul to “god my maker, Jhesus Christe my Savior and to the holye ghoste my sanctfier trusting to have full pardon and forgyvenes of all my synnes by the merightes of Jhesus Christe.” To my daughter Gelyon Aldus a feather bed, etc. To my daughter Margaret Bancroft 40s. To my daughter Agnes Borowghe a milch cow and 20s. Residuary legatee and execuitrix: my daughter Mary. Witnesses: William Rycord, minister, the writer hereof, Robert Fyske, and William Fyske.4,5

He wrote a codicil to his will on 2 January 1579.

To Elizabeth Wood, the lame wench in this parish, 20s. To Peter Wells 10d. To Robt. Kempe 10d. To “the afflicted for Christes his sake” 10s. To every grandchild of mine 20d. To “borowghes children” 40d. each. Witnesses: John Lauraunce, Robt. Fiske, Geoffreye Fyske, William Rycorde.

William departed this life in St. Michaels, South Elham. His will was probated on 30 January 1579.




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