John Ffyske1,2

M, b. circa 1518, d. before 25 February 1604
FatherGeoffrey Ffyske b. c 1472
MotherAlice Dalling b. c 1480
     John was born circa 1518 in Laxfield, County Suffolk, England. John & his wife had children: John [before 1/23/1554-1607][m. Thomasyne Punchyard], William [d. 1590][m. Jane Punchyard], Jereme [d. 1630], Margaret [before 1/23/1554][m. 5/20/1582 John Punchyard] & Anne [m. 7/26/1579 Thomas Borret].3,4,5,6,7 His wife was quite likely Margaret Crispe, daughter of William & Anne [Godbold] Crispe married before 20 November 1552 [date of Margaret's father's will]. Mr. Crispe mentions his daughter, Margaret Fiske in his will and John Fiske witnessed it. The family resided at Tivetshall [Tittleshall], St. Mary, County Norfolk.8 The family lived in Laxfield until sometime after 1567 when they moved to Tivetshall, county Norfolk. John made his will on 31 January 1604 at Tivetshall.

In his will, he mentions his elder son John; younger son Henrie [also referred to as Jeremie or Hierommye]; and daughters Mary, wife of Edward Alpe; Ann Borrett, and Margaret Punchard.9

John departed this life in Tivetshall. His will was probated on 25 February 1604.


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    Page 435 - The Will of Jeromie Fiske of Laxfield [co. Suffolk], yeoman, sick in body, dated 22 August 1630. To be buried in Laxfield churchyard. To John Cocke, eldest son of Peter Cock, my son -in-law, a messuage and tenement in Tittleshall and Diskleborwoe [Dickleburgh], co. Norfolk, freehold and copyhold, in the occupation of one Loter. To Anne cock, daughter to the Peter Cock, a messuage and tenement in the occupation of Wm. Smith, she paying her sister, Elizabeth Cocke, ?10. To Peter Cock, son to the said Peter Cock, a messuage or tenement, freehold and copyhold, in Laxfield, now in my occupation, except the lands called Craiches. To Jeremie Cocke, son of the said Peter Cock, my son-in-law, a messuage or tenement, free [hold] and copyhold called Craiches and [illegible] in Dennington [co. Suffolk] and Laxfield, in my occupation. To Margaret Rackham, my servant the house called Copphall, occupied by James Dallinger. To Alice Cocke and to Mary Cocke, daughters of the said Peter Cock, my son-in-law, to each ?1`0. Executor: John Cocke, son of the said Peter Cock, my son-in-law. Supervisor: Peter Cock. Witnesses: John Cocke, Wm. Smith. Proved 15 September 1630 by John Cock. (Archdeaconry of Suffolk [Ispswich Probate Registry], book for 1629-30, fo. 227).
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