Geoffrey Ffyske1,2,3,4,5,6

M, b. circa 1472
FatherGeoffrey Ffyske b. c 1428, d. b 13 May 1504
MotherMargaret (?) d. b 13 May 1504
     Important Notes:

"We now turn to the problem of the parentage of Richard Fiske “of the Broadgates” in Laxfield, who heads the Candler pedigree. The early evidence for his existence is the Candler pedigree, but as Matthias Candler, the compiler (born in 1604), was the great grandson of Robert Fiske, the testator of 1602, and as in other respects the contributor has found his pedigree of the family accurate, he thinks we may accept Richard as his great-great-grandfather. Now this Richard must have been born as early as 1500 as his sons were mature men in the middle of the 16th century amd he was undoubtedly born somewhere earlier, about 1480-1485. This Richard does not appear in the great Subsidy of 1424 and it is reasonable to suppose that at this date he was dead, leaving a family of 11 children, according to Candler, who must have all been born prior to that date. Now we find no Fiskes in Laxfield in the 16th century who were NOT descendants of Simon Fisle who died in 1463/4. It is therefore, reasonable to suppose that Richard was also a descendant of Simon, in which case he must have been a great-grandson in order to square with the known chronology of the family. On examination, the families of the grandsons of Simon show that all their children are known with the exception of the family of Geoffrey Fiske (son of Geoffrey, testator of 1504, son of the first Simon). Of the latter's family we know only of the son John (named as such in the will of “Sir” John Fiske, the testator of 1535). It is reasonable to suppose that this Geoffrey had other children and that Richard was one of them. This idea is greatly strengthened by the fact that Richard named his fourth son, according to Candler, Geoffrey - a name which again appears in the family of Richard's sons Robert. It would seem, accordingly, both by the examination and the repetition of the name Geoffrey in the family of Richard, that the later must have been a son of Geoffrey (son of Geoffrey the 1504 testator) and the great-great-grandson of the first Simon."7

Geoffrey was born circa 1472 in Ipswich, County Suffolk, England, at the parish of St. Mary's at Elms.8 He was of broadgates, Laxfield, County Suffolk, England. Geoffrey married Alice Dalling, daughter of Jeffrey Dalling, circa 1501 in England.9


Alice Dalling b. c 1480


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    Symond Fiske, Lord of the Manor of Stradbaugh, parish of Laxfield, county of Suffolk, Eng.; lived in the reigns of Henry 4th and 6th, (From A.D. 1399 to A. D. 1422.) married Susanna, daughter of Smyth, his wife.
    Their son William Fiske, of Stradhaugh; lived in the reigns of Henry 6th, Edward 4th, and Henry 7th.; married Sarah, daughter of Lynne, his wife
    Their son Richard Fiske , of Laxfield. His pedigree in full is not in the compiler's possession, but by the testimony of most credible authorities he was third in descent from Simon Fiske. According to Cotton Mather, also, he lived in the reign of Queen Mary, and endured grievous persecutions. [Wife unknowm]
    His son Robert Fiske, of the parish of St. James, South Elham married Sibyl, daughter of Gold. [From Robert & Sibyl are the descendants that emigrate to New England.]

    Pages 8-9 - [Notes - It must be stated that according to the will of Johan, the wife of Willam Fiske, son of Simon, the couple did not have a child named Richard. In a series of articles by G. Andrews Moriarty, on the Fiske Family in the NHGR states Richard's father to be Geoffrey, son of Geoffrey, son of Simon. - KLM]

    "ROBERT FISKE, of Laxfield, eldest son of Richard, and fourth in descent from Simon Fiske, of the same, married SIBYL GOLD, and had sons WILLIAM, Jeffrey, Thomas and Eleazer. These parents were the progenitors of all the Fiskes that settled in New England, so far as known, before 1640. William Fiske, eldest son of Robert, married Anna Austye, and had children JOHN, Nathaniel (who died young), Eunice and Hannah, the last of whom married William Candler, and was the mother of Rev. Matthias Candler, who was born 1604, educated at Cambridge University, and settled a minister at Codenham, England. It is principally from his papers, now on file in the British Museum, and known as the " Candler Manuscripts," that the materials of the early history of the FISKE FAMILY have been compiled.

    JOHN FISKE, the eldest son of William, above, and grandson of Robert and Sibyl Fiske, married Ann, a daughter of Robert Lantersee, and had children John (born 1601), WILLIAM (born 1614), Anne and Martha, all of whom, with their mother, embarked for America in 1637. Their father had died previously (in 1633), and during the passage their mother died also. The two brothers, having married in England, settled with their families in Wenham, then a part of Salem, Mass., about 1640. John, who had been already ordained In the-English Church, became a noted and influential minister in the colony, and a brief memoir of him, chiefly derived from the " Magnalia," is given elsewhere in this volume. His brother, WILLIAM FISKE, with whose descendants we are chiefly here concerned, became also a man of some mark, filled various public offices, but died in the prime of his powers and usefulness, under forty years of age. Both were able and useful men, zealous Puritans, and left descendants who perpetuated their good for several generations."
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    William(2) Fiske, the eldest son, married Johan Lynne, and lived till the reign of Henry VII. He left six sons. Thomas, (3) William, (3) Augustine, (3) Simon,(3) Robert(3) and John,(3) and two daughters, Margery,(3) and Margaret.(3) Simon(3)Fiske was of Laxfield, and had four sons, Simon, (4)William, (4) Robert (4) and John. (4).
    Simon,(4) the eldest son, died in 1535, leaving eight sons, Robert, (5) John, (5) George, (5)Nicholas (5)Jeffrey,(5) Jeremy,(5)William,(5) and Richard, (5) and three daughters, Joan,(5) Gelvne,(5) and Agnes. (5)
    Robert (5)Fiske ,the eldest son, fled for religion's sake in the days of Queen Mary, but was afterwards of St. James', South Elmham. He married Sybil, daughter of ___Gold, and widow of ___Barber, and died in 1602, leaving four sons, William,( 6) Jeffrey, (6) Thomas, (6) and Eleazer, (6) and a daughter Elizabeth (6) Bernard.
    [Note - The ancestry of Robert Fiske who married Sybil, differs from source to source. It is important to read the will of Johan, the wife of William, who was the son of Simon, to see who their children were. Some sources have named the father of Robert to be Richard and others Simon. These sources need to be analyzed. - KLM]
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