Madeleine Duteau

F, b. 5 July 1649
FatherPierre Duteau b. 29 Mar 1607, d. 12 Dec 1656
MotherJeanne Perrin b. 26 May 1615
     Madeleine was born on Monday, 5 July 1649 in La Rochelle, Bishopric of La Rochelle, Poitou-Charentes, France. She was christened there on 13 July 1649 in the Calvinist Temple.1 In May 1658, Madeleine immigrated aboard the ship "Le Prince Guillaume" On 16 April 1658, her mother signed a contract whereby Madeleine [she being only 8 years old] and her mother were to work for Jacques de la Poterier for a period of 5 years, receiving 50 livres per year. Soon after Madeleine left France with her mother and two siblings aboard the ship "Le Prince Guillaume" for Quebec.2 A contract for the marriage of Madeleine & an unknown person was signed on 2 November 1664. It was drawn up by notary, Mr. Latouche. It notes his parents as Nicolas Lablanc & Perronnelle Chesnart and her parents as Pierre Dutos & Jeanne Perein..3 Nicolas & Madeleine had children: Nicolas [1668-8/28/1745][m. 12/31/1694 Genevieve Petit-Milhomme], Jean [1670], Marie-Madeleine [1672][m. 11/24/1689 Michel Arsenault], Rene [11/22/1675][m. 11/04/1704 Marie-Jeanne Bourbeau], Marie-Anne [11/22/1675-1/18/1728][m. 7/20/1694 Jacques Lefebvre-Lacroix], Pierre-Alexis [4/16/1678] & Louise-Renee [4/16/1678-before 1681].4,5 1681, Madeleine and her husband, Nicolas, were listed on the Canadian Census in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec, Canada. Enumerated in this household were Nicolas Leblanc [44 years], Madeleine Dutault [30 years], Nicolas [13 years], Jean [11 years], Madeleine [9 years], Rene [6 years], Marie-Anne [6 years] & Pierre [4 years].6


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