Mary Durrante1

F, b. circa 1589, d. July 1631
     Mary was born circa 1589 in County Suffolk, England. She was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Durrant. Mary married William Ring on 21 May 1601 in Pettistree, County Suffolk, England.2 Sometime after the birth of their daughter, the family removed from County Suffolk and by 1614 were established in Leyden, Netherlands. In 1619, William, a weaver became a member of the burghers and his guarantors being William Bradford and Alexander Price. Mary's husband, William, died between 1619 and 1629 in Leyden leaving her a widow. According to circumstantial evidence, Mary's family, along with the family of their friend. Thomas Blossom, immigrated to this country in 1629 in the second Mayflower from Leydon, Holland. She settled in the Plymouth Colony. Mary made her will on 15 July 1631 at Plymouth.

I, Mary Ring, being sick in body & in perfect memory thanks be to God doe make this my last will & Test. in manner & forme as followeth. First, I bequeath my soul to God thata gaveth to me me & my body to earth from whence it wa taken. Next my will is that such goods as God has given I also give. I give unto Andrew my sonne all my brasse & pewter. I give unto my sonne Andrew two while blankets, one red blanket with the best coverlet which lieth upon my bed & the curtaines. Item, I give unto my sonne Andrew three pre of my best sheets & two paire of my best pillow beeres. It. I give also to him one dyapr table clothe & one dyapr towall & half dozen of napkins. It. I give unto him all my wollen cloath unmade except one piece of red which my will is that my duaghter Susan shall have as much as will make a bearing Cloath and the remainder I give unto Stephen Deanes childe. It. I give unto my sonne Andrew my bolster next the best. It. I give unto him my truncke & my box & cubbert. It. I give unto him all my cattle. It. I give unto him halfe the corne which groweth where I dwell, And the other half I give unto Stephen Deane. It. I give unto Stephen Deane, my [illegible] to make him a cloake. It. timber yt I lent to Mr Wynslow that cost me a pownd of beaver, besise a peece more that they had of me. It. I give to my sonne Andrew all my shares of land that is due to me or shall be. I give to my sonne Andrew all my tooles. It. The money that is due to me from the Governour forty shillings. As also the forty shilling of comodities that I am to have out of England [Worn]. I give unto him also except the green Say which I give unto Stephen Deane's childe to make her a coate. It. One piece of new linen, I give unto my sonne Andrew. It. I give unto my daughter Susan Clarke my bed I lay upon with my gray coverlet & the teeks of the two pillows; but the fethers I give unto my sonne Andrew. It. One ruffe I have of Goodman Gyles, I give to my daughter Elizabeth Deane.
All the rest of my things I have not menconed I give unto my daughters to be equally divied among them. I give unto my sonne Andrew all my books, my two pair of potthooks & my tramell, one coarse sheet to put his bed in & all the money that is due me from Goodman Gyles. And my will is that he shall have the peece of black stuffe. The goods I give my two daughters are all my wearing clothes, all my wearing linen. It. I give unto Mrs. Warren one woodden cupp with a foot as a token of my love. It. My will is that the cattle that I give my sonne be kept to halfes for him by Stephen Deane, or at the discretion of my overseers to take order for them for the good of the child. It. I give to Andrew my sonne all my hankerchers buttoned or unbuttoned. It. I give to Andrew one silver whistle. Item I give his one coasre kercher & one fine kercher. It. My will is that my sonne Andrew be left with my sonne Stephen Deane; and do require of my sonne Deane to help him forward in the knowledge & fear of God, not to opress him by any burthens but to tender him as he will answer to God. My overseers of my will I institute and make my loving friends Samuel Fuller & Thomas Blossom, whom I entreate to see this my will performed according to the true intent of the same. And my will is that my sonne Andrew have recoursse unto these two my loving friends for councell & advice & to be rulled by them in anything they shall see good & convenient for him. Also my will & desire is that my overseers see that those goods which I have given to my sonne Andrew be carefully preserved for him, until such time they shall judge it meet to put them into his own hands. My will also is that if my overseers shall see it meet to dispose of my sonne Andrew otherwise then with his brother Deane that then my son Deane shall be willing to consent unto it, & they to dispose of him, provided it be alwaies with the goodwill of my sonne Andrew. I give unto Andrew a linnen capp which was his fathers, buttons for his hankercher unbuttoned I leave for him. My will is that Andrew my sonne shall pay all my debts and charges about my burial. In witness thereof I set my hand before witness --- Mary Ring --- Witnesses: Sanuel Fuller, Thomas Blossom.3

Mary departed this life either the 15th or 19th of July 1631. in Plymouth. Her will was probated on 28 October 1633. The probation date given 28 October 9th year of the reign of our sovreign King Charles I.


William Ring b. c 1580, d. bt 1619 - 1629


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