John Dunham1,2,3

M, b. 1589, d. 2 March 1668/69
     John was born in 1589 in England. John married Susan Kenny on 17 August 1612 in Clophill, Bedfordshire, England. John's wife, Susan, died in Leyden, South Holland, Netherlands, leaving him a widower. John married 2nd Abigail Barlow, daughter of Thomas Barlow and Anne Balliou, on 22 October 1622 in Leyden, South Holland, Netherlands. John's wife, Abigail, died after 1644 in Massachusetts, leaving him a widower. John made his will on 25 January 1668/69 at Plymouth.

As for my son John Dunham whoe is my eldesr sonne I have given him his portion alreddy both in land and other things to what I am able and beyond my abilities – To my son Benajah Dunham and to my son in law Stephen Wood all my right att Agawaum and Sepecam equally to be Devided between them – To my son Daniel Dunham all my land lying att or neare fresh lake – To my son Daniel Dunham six acrees of my meddow att Swan hold; and the rest of my meddow lying there I give to my son Jonathan Dunham – To my son Daniell Dunham all that land that lyeth att home which hee made use of this last yeare which I alreddy ordered to him – To my loving wife Abigaill Dunham all my now Dwelling house and my orchards with all my land not elsewhere given: with all my meddow land att the watering place to belong to her During her life; and att her Death . . . I Doe heerby give it to my son Daniell Dunham . . . and in Consideration hereof my will is that my son Thomas Dunham shall have five pounds payd unto him by my son Daniell Dunham in Currant Countrey pay att prisse Currant upon Demand – I give unto all the rest of my children that are not expressed in this my last will twelve pencew apiece if they Demaund it.4

John departed this life on Saturday, 2 March 1668/69 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. The inventory of John's estate was taken on Saturday, 16 March 1668/69. The inventory was taken by Thomas Southworth and Thomas Cushman.

Family 1

Susan Kenny b. b 12 Dec 1586

Family 2

Abigail Barlow b. 22 Oct 1606, d. a 1644


  1. [S292] Eugene Aubrey Stratton, The Plymouth Colony, Its History & People, Part III, Biographical Sketches, John Dunham was born ca. 1589 (age at death in 1668/69 was given as eighty). He was a Leiden Separatist who came to Plymouth between 1628 and 1632, probably with those who arrived from Holland in 1629 and 1630. A deacon in the Plymouth Church, he had married (1) Susanna Kenny, who died in Holland, and (2) Abigail Barlow, daughter of Thomas in Leiden on 22 October 1622. He had three children by his first wife: John, Humility, and Thomas, and eight by his second wife: Samuel, Abigail, Persis, Jonathan, Hannah, Joseph, Benajah, and Daniel. All the children are mentioned by Mrs. John E. Barclay, "Notes on the Dunham Family of Plymouth, Mass.," TAG 30:143, and she carries four of them forward: John, who married a Mary; Thomas, who Mrs. Barclay believed [p.286] never married, in spite of what Savage and others wrote; Samuel, who married (1) Martha (Beal) Falloway and (2) the widow Sarah Watson; and Joseph, who married (1) Mercy Morton and (2) Hester Wormell. Of the other
    children, Abigail married Stephen Wood; Persis married (1) Benajah Pratt and (2) Jonathan Snow; Jonathan married (1) Mary Delano, and (2) Mary Cobb; Hannah married Giles2 Rickard; Benajah married Elizabeth Tilson; and Daniel married a Hannah. Isaac Watson Dunham's Deacon John Dunham of Plymouth, Mass., 1589-1669, and His Descendants (1907) is a very poorly written book, confusing, difficult to use, and often erroneous.
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