Sarah Du Trieu1

F, b. circa 1624
     Sarah was born circa 1624 in New Amsterdam (Manhattan), New York. Sarah married Isaac De Forest, son of Jesse De Forest and Maria Du Cloux, on 9 June 1641 in New Amsterdam (Manhattan), New York. Sarah's family was also of the Walloons and had come over in the voyage of1624 which had been made possible by the dreams and work of Jesse De Forest. An interesting point is the age of Sarah at her marriage. If Sarah were 17 on her marriage day she would have been born on the 9th of June 1624, one year earlier do the day than Sarah Rapalye who is considered to be the oldest or earliest child born in New Amsterdam. Thus, if Sarah was born anytime after the ship arrived in March of 1624 until June 9, 1625 she would have the been the first born white child in New Amsterdam. If she was older than 17 years 3 months, she would have been born in route or in the Old World. There is no record or any indication as to Sarah's exact birth date. Sarah's parents were Philippe du Trieux and Jacqueline Noiret. Sarah's grandfather and brother also carry the name Philippe du Trieu.


Isaac De Forest b. b 10 Jul 1616, d. b 19 Dec 1692


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