Maria Du Cloux

F, b. circa 1580
FatherNicaise Du Cloux
MotherMarie Aubertin
     Maria was born circa 1580 in Sedan, Champagne, France. Maria married Jesse De Forest, son of Jean De Forest and Anne Maillard, on 23 September 1601 in Sedan, Champagne, France. Jesse De Forest is another of the many men and women that history hasforgotten. He lived in a time of great upheavel and persecution of his peoples; yet managed to raise a family of at least 10 children, to maintain a merchant business, extending it to an international market, and later in life, to make a his mark on history. Shortly after the Pilgrims left Leyden for the New World, Jesse began making inquiries and formal appeals to both English and Netherland officials in an effort to transport a colony of Walloons to the Americas. It is quite apparent from the records that this was the effort of one man and one man only. However, by the time arrangements were made and the recruitment finished, the name of Jesse De Forest and his dedication to the relocation of Walloons to the New World was lost in the tumultuous events of the day. It is clear though that it was his dedication and persistance that led the way to migration of Walloons to both the Hudson River in North America and to the "Wild Coast" of Brazil and the other South American colonies. He along with his wife and five of his children made the journey to South America where Jesse was to end his life. His offspring, however did successfully immigrate to New Netherlands and are the progenators of large families bearing the name De Forest, Montagne and of course, many other names.


Jesse De Forest b. 1576, d. 22 Oct 1624