Marie Drouin

F, b. circa 18 September 1650, d. circa 2 May 1664
FatherRobert Drouin b. c 6 Aug 1607, d. 1 Jun 1685
MotherMarie Chapellier b. c 1626, d. 18 Mar 1697
     Marie was born in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. She was christened there on 18 September 1650 in the Cathedral de l'Assomption.1 A contract for the marriage of Marie & Nicolas Lebel was signed on 27 November 1662. The notary Claude Aubert drew up a contract of marriage for Nicolas Lebel and Marie Drouin noting that he was born in Illeville, France and that he was the son of Clement Lebel and Francoise Lagnel, and she was the daughter of Robert Drouin and Marie Chappellier..2 Marie married Nicolas Lebel on 28 November 1662 in Chateau-Richer, Montmorency County, Quebec, Canada, at the church of La Visitation-de-Notre-Dame.3 Marie drowned in the Riviere-aux-Chiens while traveling to Ste-Anne-du-Beaupre for devotions.4 She was buried at Chateau-Richer, Montmorency County, Quebec, Canada, in the cemetery of La Visitation-de-Notre-Dame.4


Nicolas Lebel b. c 1633


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