Marie Drouin

F, b. 11 June 1684, d. 11 December 1751
     Marie was born on Sunday, 11 June 1684 in Chateau-Richer, Montmorency County, Quebec, Canada. She was the daughter of Etienne Drouin & Catherine Loignon. She was christened there on 13 June 1684 in the church of La Visitation-de-Notre-Dame.1 Marie married Pierre Crete, son of Jean Crete and Marguerite Gaulin, on 29 October 1709 in Chateau-Richer at the church of La Visitation-de-Notre-Dame.2 Pierre & Marie had children: Etienne [9/25/1710], Louis [11/0/1711-3/07/1758][m. 6/05/1741 Marie Josephe Maheu], Marguerite [11/10/1713-4/07/1718], Marie Genevieve [10/18/1714-9/10/1759][m. 1/18/1732 Charles Vallee], Raphael [2/20/1716-7/04/1733], Marie Elisabeth Isabelle [1/27/1718-4/26/1756][m. 8/31/1739 Charlies Baugis] & Marie Madeleine [10/12/1719-3/01/1753][m. 2/04/1743 Laurent Lorraine dit Lagiroflee & 2nd 11/11/1748 Pierre Petit].3 Marie's husband, Pierre, died on 15 November 1719 in Beauport, ville de Quebec leaving her a widow. She remariied on 8 November 1723, Jean Baugis [1/28/1696-9/17/1778] at Beauport. Marie departed this life on Saturday, 11 December 1751 in Beauport, ville de Quebec at age 67 years and 6 months. She was buried there in the churchyard of La-Nativitie-de-Notre-Dame on Monday, 13 December 1751.4


Pierre Crete b. 19 Aug 1671, d. 15 Nov 1719


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