Alice de Driby

F, b. circa 1345
     Alice de was born circa 1345. Alice de married 3rd Anketin Malorie, son of Sir Anketil Malorie and Thomasina la Zouche, in 1378 in England. She was the widow of Lord Basset of Sapcote, and had received from him the Castle Bytham as her seat for life. This marriage had not been approved of by the king, and as a result the couple was fined £10, which would be equivalent to £100,000 in todays money [2007]. The fine was paid off quickly, which indicates both the wealth of Alice and her ability to manage financial affairs, an attribute not found in the Mallorie men. From this castle, she helped raise the future king , Henry IV, with her own daughter by Lord Bassett. Alice's husband, Anketin, died in 1393 in England, leaving her a widow. She left a will in which she asked for prayers to be said for the souls of herslef & her three husbands: Sir Robert Tuchet, Lord Ralph Basset of Sapcote & Antekin Mallorie. She requested to be buried as closely as possible to her husband, Antekin.


Anketin Malorie b. c 1345, d. 1393