Jeffrey Dalling1,2

M, b. circa 1454, d. 1535
FatherWilliam Dalling b. c 1424, d. b 8 Feb 1473
MotherMargaret (?)
     Jeffrey was born circa 1454 in Laxfield, County Suffolk, England.3 The name of Jeffrey's first wife is not known. The only known public record appearances for Jeffrey is as an executor and once as a witness. Jeffrey married 2nd Katheryn (?) in England. Jeffrey made his will in 1535 at Laxfield.

Being whole of mind & of good & perfect memory but sick in body, I bequeath my soul to god almighty, to our Lady Saint Mary, & to all the holy company of heaven, & my body to be buried in the church yard of Laxfield. To the high alter of the said church of Laxfield for my tithes & offerings negligently forgotten & not paid 20 pence. To the Abbas of Bruisyard 12 pence, to Dame Margerie Loveday 8 pence, and to every nunn in the said house 4 pence. And they to have a dirge & mass for my soul & my friends souls. To every frier there being resident 4 pence. To the church of Laxfield 33 shillings 4 pence, so that it may be borne of my goods. I will have an honest priest to sing for my soul & all my friends souls in the parish church of Laxfield by the space of one quarter of a year. To the mending of highways betwixt mine house & Barlston [part of Laxfield] 10 pounds so that it may be borne of my goods. To Robt my son 10 pounds to be paid to him as it may grow of my goods So that he neither sore, vex, nor trouble my wife, my children, nor mine executors for none other cause but only for his legacy if it not be paid. And if he do that then I will he shall have none part of nor parcel of his 10 pounds, but that it be disposed by my executors to defend him withal. And if it fortune the said Robt to die ere he hath received all his 10 pounds then I will the rest of the sum non paid shall be parted among his children. To every of the daughters of John my son now being alive 6 shillings 8 pence at the age of 22 years. To Jane my daughter10 marks sterling at the age of 22 years. And if she fortune to decease before the said age then Nicholas my son shall have the said 10 marks when he come to the age of 22 years. To Kateryne my wife all my tenements & lands called Edwards, with my close called Dawbers & one pightel called Sheltons for her natural life so long as she keep herself a widow. She shall have all my lands called Cowpers til the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel next after my decease. Provided always that the said Kateryne shall keep all the said tenements & houses during all her time in sufficient reparations doing neither strip nor waste, but taking sufficient fire wood for her occupying there. If Kateryne my wife keep herself a widow & enjoy my said tenements & lands then she shall pay yearly every year the space of four years next after my decease to mine executors 20 shillings by year to the fulfilling of such covenents & bargains as I have made with Mister Rowse of Dennington. If my said wife fortune to marry again within the space of 2 years or 3 years next after my decease then I will all my said land & tenements called Edwards Dawbers & Sheltons shall be letten to farm the term of 2 years then following. And I will if William my son will have them in farm the said 2 years he shall farm them & have them every year 13 shillings 4 pence within the price of another man. And at the end of the said 2 years the said William my son shall have & enjoy to him & his heirs for ever he paying therfor to mine executors 40 pounds sterling [4 marks per year until paid] [the order of reversion of the properties was son Nicholas if age 22 or more, son John , then Jafferye Dalling my godson son of Robt Dalling my son at age 23 years]. Whosoever shall have & enjoy my said Edwards, Dawbers & Sheltons shall pay or cause to be paid yearly unto Kateryne my wife 26 shillings 8 pence during her natural life out of the said lands & tenements by even portions [twice a year]. And she to keep up the children & heirs & see them honestly set forth. Whosoever shall have my said tenements & lands above rehearsal shall find a lamp & oil burning in the Chapel of Our Lady in Laxfield the term of 7 years And to burn every Sunday & all other festive days in the year. Mine executors shall take yearly the term of 6 years of Edmund Nolth all such farm as he is bound to pay me for close called Hobards & the meadows theret pertaining which I had letten him to farm for the term of 6 years for the sum of 26 shillings 8 pence a year and with the money thereof coming they to pay the rent & the rest to go to the payment of my debts& the fulfilling of my will. To Kateryne my wife my tenement called Sollars & the meadows thereto pertaining with a cupboard & a pair of querns [a small mill for grinding grain, consisting of two circular stones with the upper one turned by hand], she paying the rent & finding sufficient reparations to have for her natural life. William my son shall have my house & my shop at Harleston [Norfolk] with all the appurtenances and with all such moveables as I shall leave in the said house & shop at my decease to him his heirs & assigns for ever, he paying to my executors 10 pounds sterling, 20 shillings by year. And if the said William be disposed to sell the said house & the shop with the appurtenances Then I will his brother John shall have the preferment of the sale as they can agree. The said William my son shall have all my shop at church with the pot house [house where pottery was made] & the ground to the water [needed for washing the clay] which I bought of Clement & all such things & implements as shall be within the said house & shop at the day of my decease he paying 5 pounds sterling. To Kateryne my wife 8 milk kine & one horse color gray if she keep herself a widow. And if she fortune to marry again then she shall have but four kine. [The 8] shall be chosen in this manner she to chose one & the executors another And then she to chose the second the executors the next & so forth til she have taken out her part. All the residue of my kine shall remain & go with mine house & lands whosoever shall have them called Edwards Dawbers & Cowps . The said Kateryne my wife shall have all my moveable goods & implements which are within my shop at home And in the soler over the said shop with the hoops & all other things to mine occupation being at home at my house. To the said Kateryne my wife all my swine, fouls, all my corn in the solars & on the ground toward the keeping up of mine children & hers. All my stuff of household shall be evenly parted in 3 parts by mine executors & other indifferent men & that one I give my wyff the best part And the second part to William my son & the third part to be indifferently parted betwixt William my son & Nicholas my son Provided always that if my said wife to claim or ire her dowry or sow, vex or trouble mine executors for any other thing than I have bequeathed her in this my testament & last will that then all her bequests to stand void and at the discretion of mine executors. Unto Nicholas my son & to Jane my daughter each a calf of this year.To William my son my sorrel trotting horse. Mine executors shall discharge me of all such charges as I am charged with [as executor for] William Cryspe & William Smyth in performing & fulfilling their wills & testaments to the tenor & effect of them. And the residue of their goods not bequeathed to see them ordered & disposed for the profit of their souls in discharging of their consciences and mine. I require all my feoffees & cofeoffees which be feoffed with me in my said houses tenements and lands, or to my use, that they shall deliver a lawful estate according to the intent & effect of this my testament and last will. Mine executors shall pay all my debts & fulfill the legacies & bequests of mine will, as near as ever they can without any suit. The residue of all my goods not given nor bequeathed, my debts paid, & my will fulfilled.I put them to the ordering & disposition of mine executors, they to dispose them in deeds of charity whereas they shall think in their conscience most profit for my soul & theirs. I ordain John Dallyng my son, Nicholas Smyth, & John King of Laxfield mine executors And I make Sir Anthony Wingfield, knight, supervisor desiring him in the way of charity to see these mine executors to order this my will & testament according to good conscience.4 Jeffrey departed this life in Laxfield. He was buried there at Laxfield in All Saints Churchyard.

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Katheryn (?)


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