Johane Crispe

     Johane was born in Laxfield, County Suffolk, England. She was the daughter of William Crispe and Ann Godbold of Laxfield.1 Johane married Nicholas Ffyske, son of Geoffrey Ffyske and Alice Dalling, before 20 November 1552 in Laxfield. They were noted as married in Johane's father, William Crispe's will of that date.2 Nicholas & Johane had children: William [before 1/23/1554-1580][m. Helen Payne], Amos [m. 10/17/1574 Mary Girling], Rachel, Hester [d. 1579], Martha [m. 11/02/1609 Robert Golding] & Mary [m. a0/16/1586 Anthony Fisher].3,1 They first resided in Laxfield, but moved to Dennington, County Suffolk by 1567. Johane's husband, Nicholas, died before 28 September 1569 in Dennington, leaving her a widow.


Nicholas Ffyske b. c 1515, d. b 28 Sep 1569


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