Anne Cloutier

F, b. circa 19 January 1626, d. 3 February 1648
FatherZacharie Cloutier b. 1590, d. 17 Sep 1677
MotherSainte Dupont b. 1596, d. 13 Jul 1680
     Anne was born in Mortagne-au-Perche, Orne, Normandy, France.1 She was christened there on 19 January 1626 in St-Jean Church.2 On 27 July 1636, Jean Guyon drew up a marriage contract at the home of Robert Giffard, between Robert Drouin & Anne Cloutier, Ann being a child of only 10 years. Because of Anne's age, the marriage sacrement was not preformed until a year later. The contract stipulated that there would only be non-conjugal visits for another two years after the marriage. It is the oldest marriage contract in existance in Quebec.3,4 Anne married Robert Drouin, son of Robert Drouin and Marie Dubois, on 12 July 1637 in ville de Quebec, Quebec, Canada, at the Basilica of Notre Dame.5 Anne departed this life on Monday, 3 February 1648 in ville de Quebec. She was buried there in the cemetery of Notre Dame on Tuesday, 4 February 1648.6


Robert Drouin b. c 6 Aug 1607, d. 1 Jun 1685


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