Thomasine Clopton

F, b. 1583, d. 8 December 1616
     Thomasine was born in 1583 in Castleins, of Groton, County Suffolk, England. She was the daughter of William Clopton of Castleins, a seat near Groton.1 Thomasine married John Winthrop, son of Adam Winthrop III and Anne Browne, on 6 December 1615 in Groton, County Suffolk, England. She was a good mother to her step children and won great praise from her husband who described her as, "a woman wise, modest, loveinge, and patient of injuries" and again as, "Hir lovinge and tender regard of my children was suche as might well become a naturall mother: For hir cariage towards myselfe, it was so amible and observant as I am not able to expresse; it had this onlye inconvenience, that it made me delight too much in hir to enjoye hir longe."2 Thomasine departed this life on Thursday, 8 December 1616 in Groton, County Suffolk, England. She had high fever which caused convulsions and hallucinations which lasted for several days before the end came. Her death was, in all likelyhood, a complication of child birth.2 She was buried at Groton, County Suffolk, England, in the Groton Chancel. She was buried along side her husband's first wife. Their daugher was taken up and buried with her.2


John Winthrop b. 12 Jan 1588, d. 26 Mar 1649


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