Nathaniel Carpenter1

M, b. summer __ ___ 1668, d. after 1730
FatherJoseph Carpenter b. 1635, d. b 9 Jul 1684
MotherHannah Carpenter b. 3 Apr 1640, d. b 8 Jun 1673
     Nathaniel was born summer __ ___ 1668 in Musketa Cove, Hempstead Town, Queens County, Long Island, New York. He was most likely the first white child born in this settlement. Nathaniel married Tamar Coles, daughter of Robert Coles Jr. and Mercy Wright, on 5 November 1690 in Musketa Cove, Hempstead Town, Queens County, Long Island, New York. On April 18, 1694, the father of Tamar, as "a free gift," deeded to Nathaniel Carpenter a farm of fifty acres "because he hath married my eldest daughter Tamar." Nathaniel came to own a sizable farm lying on the road between Musketa Cove and Jericho on the west side of the road. In 1719 Nathaniel and his wife moved to the main land to North Castle. This was during a period of time when there was an exodus from the Oyster Bay area to Westchester County. Nathaniel departed this life after 1730 in North Castle, Westchester County, New York.


Tamar Coles b. 18 May 1673, d. b 4 May 1723


  1. [S38] Daniel Hoogland Carpenter, History & Genealogy of the Carpenter Family In America From the Settlement at Providence, R. I. 1637 - 1901
    , page 50 - Pages 51-53 - no. 14 Nathaniel Carpenter, the third son of Joseph= and his wife Hannah, was probably the first white child born at Musketa Cove, which event took place in the summer of 1668. The first mention we have concerning him is his marriage to Tamar, the eldest daughter of Robert Coles and his wife Mercy Wright. The record of this marriage and the date of the birth of Tamar are found in the Journal of Robert Coles, which says she was born May 18, 1673, and was married November 5, 169o. On April 18, 1694, the father of Tamar, as " a free gift," deeded to Nathaniel Carpenter a farm of fifty acres "because he hath married my eldest daughter Tamar." To this farm Nathaniel Coles, for whom he was named, deeded another fifty acres , adjoining, and Joseph Carpenter 3d, the nephew of Nathaniel Carpenter, " in consideration of the love, good-will, natural affection, etc., which he hath for his uncle," gave another fifty acres. To these parcels Nathaniel added an additional parcel, making in all a farm of 22o acres. This farm was situated in that part of the town known as Cedar Swamp, and was on the westerly side of the highway leading from Musketa Cove to " Lusum " (Jericho) and of late years has been the property of the Caleb Frost family, to whom it was sold in 1796 by Mary and Martha Pearsall (" single women ") for the sum of £2840 and is described in the deed as being the farm Nathaniel Carpenter sold to Thomas Pearsall, Sr. The Town Records have only a few mentions of Nathaniel Carpenter: once or twice he appears at town meet ings, then again his name is seen on a petition for laying out a road, which with his purchase and sale of his land constitute all so found. The Friends' meeting minutes have no account of him, by which I judge that at this date the family were not in accord with them.

    On April 16, 1719, Nathaniel Carpenter and his wife Tamar for X700 sell their property to Thomas Pearsall and remove to "North Castle near Rye." They no doubt bought property there at about this time, but no record of such purchase can now be found, as many of the early Town Records were burned or destroyed by the British soldiers when they occupied Bedford during the Revolutionary War.. But there is a record of his purchasing on May 15, 1729, a tract of land from Job Wright, situated at North Castle, joining to the land of Robert Carpenter on Byram River, which purchase is witnessed by Robert and Joseph Carpenter. This date is the latest I can anywhere find relating to him or his wife. I think, though, that she was deceased by 1723. He probably was living 1730.

    Children: no. 31 HANNAH, born about 1691; no. 32 JOSEPH, born about 1693; no. 33 ROBERT, born about 1694; no. 34 BENJAMIN, born about 1696; no. 35 JOHN, born about 1698; no. 36 ANNE, born about 1702; no. 37 ABIGAIL, born about 1705; no. 38 NATHANIEL, born about 1708; and probably other daughters and a son Samuel.