Joseph Carpenter III1

M, b. 16 October 1685, d. 3 June 1776
FatherJoseph Carpenter II b. 1660, d. c 1690
MotherAnne Thornycraft
     Joseph was born on Tuesday, 16 October 1685 in Musketa Cove, Hempstead Town, Queens County, Long Island, New York. Joseph married Ann Willett, daughter of Captain Andrew Willett and Ann Coddington, in 1707 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.2 Joseph's wife, Ann, died before 29 April 1709 in Hempstead Town, Queens County, Long Island, New York, leaving him a widower. Joseph married 2nd Mary Willett, daughter of Captain Andrew Willett and Ann Coddington, on 29 April 1709 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island. [2nd month]3 The whole life of Joseph seems to have been filled with a desire to be of use to his fellows. He was a sincere member of the Society of Friends, and the minister of the Society as well. The town records show that he was often selected to fill the place of peace maker and other duties of friendship and trust. He was generous and helpful to his kindred and to the needy. The fact that by his death his large estate had become substantially smaller is graphic evidence of his great generosity. He and his family resided at Musketa Cove, Hempstead, Queens Co., L.I., New York. Joseph departed this life on Monday, 3 June 1776 in Jericho in the Town of Oyster Bay, Queens County, Long Island, New York.

Family 1

Ann Willett b. c 1689, d. b 29 Apr 1709

Family 2

Mary Willett b. 21 Sep 1691, d. c 1737


  1. [S38] Daniel Hoogland Carpenter, History & Genealogy of the Carpenter Family In America From the Settlement at Providence, R. I. 1637 - 1901
    , page 44 - The record of the birth of his son [no. 10 Joseph Carpenter] Joseph is in vol. B of Oyster Bay Records, p. 2, on which page are deeds of 1687, etc.; pages 60-66 - no 19 "Joseph Carpenter the eldest son and heir of Joseph Carpenter 1O of Musketo Cove late deceased was born ye 16 day of October Anno Dommini 1685." … The above is as it is recorded in the Oyster Bay Records on page 2 of Book B. And in the journal of Robert Coles the date of birth is also recorded. (See Addenda.) It is very likely that the " memorandum " recorded in the Oyster Bay Record was placed on the book about 1692, that being the date of other entries on the page, and the reason for the recording of this birth in such a place seems to have been for fear of any future dispute as to " the heir's " birth, for in him was vested by the law of primogeniture the proprietorship of one fifth part of all the lands of Musketa Cove Patent. His father is spoken of as "late deceased," showing that 1692 was probably the year of his decease. As he was the third in lineal descent who bore the name, so he is now always called Joseph the third (3d). We find nothing further concerning him until he came of age, October 16, 1706. Five days after he reached his majority, October 21, 1706, he gave to his uncles William and Nathaniel each a farm, "in consideration of the love, etc., etc., which he doth bear to them,"and in 1707 he commenced suit against parties in Rhode Island to recover his portion of land at Providence "which came to him through the will of his great-grandfather William Carpenter." In this suit he was successful, and perhaps it was while he was in Rhode Island attending to this matter that he first met her who shortly after became his wife, although I am inclined to believe that a good part of his youth was spent in Rhode Island in order that he might have the facilities for a better education than Musketa Cove afforded, and I also believe that the Willett family were long-time friends of his and his father's family. .But be this as it may, in 1707 he married Ann, the daughter of Captain Andrew Willett and his wife Ann Coddington. She dying, he on February 29, 1709, married her sister Mary Willett. She was born September 21, 1691. (See Willett notes.); Page 66 - Children: no. 51 WILLETT, born 8, 4, 1714; died 13, I I, 17as; no. 52 ANN " 24, 7, 1716; no. 53 PHOEBE,     cc 28, 6, 1718; no. 54 JOSEPH, cc 15, 5, 1720; no. 55 ANDREW, cc
    I, IO, 1722; no. 56 THOMAS, cc 15, 2, 1726; no. 57 FRANCIS, "     8, 9, 1728; no. 58 JAMES,     cc 5, I, 1731; no. 59 WILLETT, cc 5, II, 1736.
    ….. 1707. September -. In the suit of Carpenter vs. King. John King appealed from the verdict which directed him to vacate his premises unto Joseph Carpenter of Musketa Cove, but the General Assembly declared that the verdict is "right and good." (Vide proceedings at Warwick, R. I., October 29, 1707 ; also in R. I. Col. Records, vol. 4, p. 29.
    ….. 1707. November 3. Joseph Carpenter of Mosquito Cove, L. I., for Z4. 1 os. sells to Joseph Williams, assistant, and Richard Phillips, farmer, of Providence, R. I., all his rights, etc., etc., to one half the cove near the landing place at Pautuxet in Providence, which was given by his great grandfather, William Carpenter, deceased, unto his daughter Priscilla Vincent deceased, "my great Aunt" whose undoubted heir I am, as will appear in the bequest made in the will of my great grand father the said Wm Carpenter. witnesses: Timothy Carpenter, Benj Carpenter (Vide Providence Records.)
    ….. 1712. October 23. Joseph Carpenter, husbandman, of Musketa Cove, Oyster Bay, L. I., conveys one half of a thirteenth part of the lands belonging to the proprietors of Pautuxet on the west side of the Pautuxet River, " diverted to me by heirship." (Vide Providence Records.) … In selling the lands above noted, provision was made by Joseph Carpenter for the maintenance of the children of William Vincent, deceased.
    1708. March 30. Joseph Carpenter sells to William Walton one fifth interest in the mill dam, stream, etc. (Vide Oyster Bay Records, vol. D, p. to4.) The site of this dam, etc., is thus described. 'Wm Walton, etc, gives right of way over their 'old mill dam' which runs from in front of Doctor William Lawrence's house on the south end and Albert Albertsons on the north end thereof," dated November 25, 1761. (Vide Jamaica Records, vol. 1 o, p. 451.)
    ….. 1724. Joseph Wood and Mary his wife give quit-claim deed to Joseph Carpenter for land on the south side of Musketa Cove, west of the high-way and north of the Littleworth line or lane and on Hempstead Harbor, dated December 29, 17 24. (Vide Jamaica Records, vol. 7, p. +58.) (This deed was probably given to release any claim which Wood may have had by reason of former occupancy. It covers the Sea Cliff property . )
    ….. 1727. Joseph and John Carpenter chosen to attend the wedding of Alexander Young and Sarah Coles. They reported that "it was conducted Orderly, and soberly managed," dated z6d. 2mo. 1727. (Vide Westbury Friends' Minutes, A, p. 82.)
    ..... 1737. 8d. 4mo. Joseph and Mary Carpenter sign as witnesses to the marriage of their daughter Ann to Samuel Underhill. (Vide Westbury Friends' Minutes, A, p. 19.)
    1742. 3d. 12m0. At the marriage of their daughter Phoebe to Daniel Willett while Joseph signs as a witness his wife Mary does not, which tends to show that she was not living at this date. (Vide Westbury Friends' Minutes, C, p. 29.)
    ..... I 7 4 3 . January 7. " Now know ye that I Joseph Carpenter now the Elder of Musketo Cove, yeoman etc, etc, Grand son and lineal heir of Joseph Carpenter the patentee &c, has as good title to said land as his grand father Joseph Carpenter had, &c. &c." Above appears in an affidavit having reference to a former deed to Henry Pearsall, bearing the above date (1742). This affidavit is dated September 30, 1773, and is found in vol. xi, page 377, of Oyster
    ….. 1762. February 6. He and John Carpenter sign a petition for a new road. (Vide Oyster Bay Records, transcript, vol. to, p. 457.)
    ….. 1776. "Old Joseph Carpenter formerly an Inhabitant of Moscheto Cove in the Township of Oyster Bay in Queens co, departed this life the 3d day of the 5th month 1776, New Stile, at the house of Joseph Carpenter in Jericho, he was born ye 16 day of the 8th month Old Stile, 1685, Aged 90 years, 6 months and 6 days, and was buried ye 5th day of 5th mo, 1776." (Vide Minutes of Westbury Meeting, Book A,
    Po 159-)
    ….. There is no will on record. I have before me the inventory of his personal property, found among the papers of his grandson Willett Carpenter of North Kingston, R. I., and give same as follows :
    A Inventory of the Moveable Estate which Joseph Carpenter had at his residence at Jericho at the Time of his Decease, as taken on the 20th of 5 mo 1775 and proved by the subscribers…
    An Inventory of some Money & a few Movables belonging to the said Joseph Carpenter's Estate in the Keeping of Thomas Pearsall as taken by the Subscribers the 22d 7 mo. 1776….
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