Benjamin Carpenter1

M, b. circa 1676, d. after 1746
FatherJoseph Carpenter b. 1635, d. b 9 Jul 1684
MotherAnna Weekes b. c 1647, d. a 9 Jul 1684
     Benjamin was born circa 1676 in Musketa Cove, Hempstead Town, Queens County, Long Island, New York. Benjamin married Mercy Coles, daughter of Robert Coles Jr. and Mercy Wright, in 1704 in Musketa Cove, Hempstead Town, Queens County, Long Island, New York. Benjamin departed this life after 1746 in Red Springs, Queens County, Long Island, New York.


Mercy Coles b. 24 Mar 1684


  1. [S38] Daniel Hoogland Carpenter, History & Genealogy of the Carpenter Family In America From the Settlement at Providence, R. I. 1637 - 1901
    , pages 58-59 - no. 17 Benjamin Carpenter, son of Joseph' and Ann (Weeks) Carpenter, was born at Musketa Cove about 1676. His wife was Mercy, daughter of Robert and Mercy (Wright) Coles. She was born, as the quaint record of her father states, on " Monday, March 24, 161." They were married 1704...1726. Benjamin Carpenter was supervisor of the town of Oyster Bay, 1726 to 1729, and in 1728 a captain's commission from the King of England was granted to him. This document is now to be seen among the relics at Washington's headquarters in Newburgh, where it was placed by his descendants who removed to Lattingtown, Ulster County. It is numbered "Document No. 225."...1746. There are several other such entries, showing pretty conclusively that Benjamin Carpenter was not one of the Friends' Society.
    Thompson, in his History of Long Island, gives a short genealogical sketch of the Carpenter family, the particulars being furnished him probably by Col. George D. Coles. He says that Nathaniel Carpenter married Tamar Coles and that William Carpenter married her sister Mercy Coles. This is correct concerning Nathaniel, but is an error as regards William, for Mercy Coles married Benjamin Carpenter. This error of Thompson has been followed in some pedigrees, and I trust that as far as possible it may be corrected by what I have here written concerning Benjamin and his wife Mercy...The record of the children of Benjamin and Mercy Coles is taken from Robert Coles' Journal, and is only kept up to the date of his death. In entering the birth of Joseph, he perhaps made a mistake in the day and month, for a pen line is drawn through them, as is shown in the account of Joseph. No.3 8
    It is very probable that Benjamin Carpenter and his wife were both buried on a part of their farm, in a plot set apart for a burial-place a short distance southwesterly from their house. I looked over this ground but found only one stone at the head of the graves, and that was time-worn and broken, showing only a letter "S."...Children: no. 39 Joseph, born September 15, 1705; no. 40 HANNAH, born August 17, 1708, Twins; no. 41 ELIZABETH, born August 17, 1708; 42 BENJAMIN, born November 3, 1712; no. 43 ANN, born March 25, 17 15 ; died April 2, 1715; no. 44 ANN, born about 1717; married Daniel Coles, who died 1804, aged 91; no. 45 MARY.