Marie-Francoise Bergeron

F, b. 30 June 1682, d. 29 November 1758
FatherAndre Bergeron b. c 1643, d. 21 Feb 1712
MotherMarguerite DuMay b. c 21 Oct 1659
     Marie-Francoise was born on Wednesday, 24 June 1682 in Cote de Lauzon, Levis County, Quebec, Canada. On 30 June 1682, she was christened in ville de Quebec, Quebec, Canada, at the Basilica of Notre Dame.1 Marie-Francoise married Etienne Grenier on 5 October 1700 in St-Nicolas, Levis County, Quebec, Canada, at St-Nicolas Church.2 Etienne & Francois had children: Jean-Francois [12/18/1701-2/05/1765][m. 2/05/1733 Marie Josephe Gelinas], Rene [4/17/1703-3/09/1704], Pierre [3/25/1705][m. 2/09/1733 Marie-Madeleine Rognon dit Laroche & 2nd 2/09/1750 Marie-Louise Deviss], Marie-Elisabeth Angelique [10/03/1707-6/03/1793][m. 2/12/1733 Jacques Heroux dit Bourguinville], Marie-Marguerite [7/14/1709-5/10/1780][m. 11/24/1737 Francois Rognon dit Laroche], Etienne [8/24/1711-10/10/1711], Antoine [2/11/1713-8/15/1767][m. 2/17/1749 Marie-Catherine Sylvestre], Marie-Catherine [12/28/1714-3/01/1750][m. 5/07/1741 Augustin Millet], Etienne [12/03/1716-7/15/1760][m. 7/26/1745 Marie Josephe Guinard], Louis-Joseph [10/20/1719-4/09/1723], child [10/18//1719-10/20/1719], Jacques [5/08/1722-10/27/1723] & Marie-Therese [8/18/1724-4/03/1801][m. 8/16/1752 Jean-Baptiste Bergeron].3 Marie-Francoise's husband, Etienne, died on 10 May 1732 in Neuville, Portneuf County, Quebec, Canada, leaving her a widow. Marie-Francoise departed this life on Wednesday, 29 November 1758 in Neuville, Portneuf County, Quebec, Canada. She was buried there in the churchyard of St-Francois-de-Sales, Pointe-Aux-Tremples on Thursday, 30 November 1758.4


Etienne Grenier b. 28 Oct 1673, d. 10 May 1732


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