Paul Bellanger

M, b. 24 March 1674, d. 1 May 1717
     Paul was born on Saturday, 24 March 1674 in Beauport, ville de Quebec, Quebec, Canada. He was the son of Nicolas Bellanger & Marie de Rainville. He was christened there on 25 March 1674 in La Nativitie-de-Notre-Dame Church.1 Paul married Jeanne Maheu, daughter of Pierre Maheu and Jeanne Drouin, on 7 April 1704 in Beauport, ville de Quebec at La Nativitie-de-Notre-Dame Church.2 Paul & Jeanne had children: Marie-Jeanne Anne [4/08/1705-11/27/1775][m. 1/13/1719 Noel Vachon dit Pomerleau], Paul [5/04/1707-5/07/1740][m. 1/15/1731 Jeanne-Catherine Tadif & 2nd 10/24/1735 Marie-Angelique Chretien], Jean-Baptiste [6/24/1709-5/26/1787][m. 11/10/1732 Marie Angelique Vezina], Pierre-Ange [7/26/1711-7/28/1711], Ange [8/26/1712-7/29/1754][m. 2/15/1745 Marie Angelique Giroux] & Marie-Therese [4/17/1716-3/06/1806][m. 7/24/1747 Vincent Dauphin & 2nd 11/21/1763 Pierre Giroux].3 Paul departed this life on Saturday, 1 May 1717 in Beauport, ville de Quebec at age 43 years, 1 month and 7 days. On the same day, he was buried there in the churchyard of La-Nativitie-de-Notre-Dame.4


Jeanne Maheu b. 10 May 1681, d. 10 Mar 1754


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