Rev. Christopher Yonges1,2

M, b. 1545, d. 14 June 1626
FatherGeorge Yonge
MotherMiss (?) Cliff
     Christopher was born in 1545 in Ashbarton, Devonshire, England. At the University of Cambridge, we find the following record: "Christopher Yonge supplicated for B.A., 14th of June, 1563/4. Admitted 24th February. Supplicated for M.A., June 1566, 4 July incepted, 8 July elected." He was elected Chaplain of Winsdsor 6 March 1567-8, on the resignation of John Hood. His birth place and date of birth, have probably been lost to history; at least diligent search has failed to discover them, but circumstancial evidence, from the dates given, fixes beyond reasonable doubt, his birth at or near 1545. He was Vicar of Reydon and Southwold, Suffolk Co., England. The people of Suffolk County were strickly non-conformist. The catholic practices had been restored as they had been before the Reformation. War was waged on Puritanism; ministers were deprived of their benefices, or were fleeing the country. Archbishop Laud was furious and attempted to prevent their escape and subdue them through the high commission. It is this commission that forbad Christopher's son, John from boarding the ship in 1637. All of Christopher's children did leave Suffolk County and immigrate to Salem except possibly Margaret who has not been accounted for on either side of the ocean. It is interesting to note that the year that Christophor moved to Sothwold and began his career as Vicar, the King James Version of the Bible was completed. Christopher married Margaret (?) circa 1597 in England. Christopher made his will on 21 November 1625 at Reydon, County Suffolk, England.

Chrstopher Yonges, clerk & minister of Soutwold, gives to his wife Margaret all lands, etc for life. Then to my six children John, Joseph, Christopher, Mary, Margaret, and Martha. To eldest son all my books except some English books such as my wife or my other children shall choose out for their use, one or two apiece. To John and Thomas Yonges my grand Children, to each a silver spoon. Wife Margaret and John Smith and Thomas Elliot of Soutwold to be executors. (Consistory Court Norwich 1626, No. 164.) Christopher died Sunday, 14 June 1626 at County Suffolk at age 81 years. On 16 June 1626, Christopher was buried in the Chancel floor at County Suffolk. A brass tablet, 8" by 15" bears the following inscription: "Here lyeth interred ye body of Mr. Christopher Youngs who departed this life ye 14 day of June anno Domini, 1626, A good man full of fayth was hee Here preacher of Gods word
And manie by his ministrie Where added to the Lord.(ACT II 24.)" His will was probated on 5 July 1626.


Margaret (?) d. b 5 Nov 1630


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