Christopher Yonges Ii

M, b. circa 1606, d. after 19 June 1647
FatherRev. Christopher Yonges b. 1545, d. 14 Jun 1626
MotherMargaret (?) d. b 5 Nov 1630
     Christopher was born circa 1606 in County Suffolk, England. Before February 1636, Christopher immigrated on the ship He immigrated before February 1636 landing at Salem. Christopher married Priscilla Elvin circa 1637 in Great Yarmouth, County Suffolk, England. The family lived for awhile in Salem before removing Wenham, Massachusetts in 1644. He made his will the 19th day of the 4th month 1647

He directed that his three children be sent back to Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, England. The two daughters to his mother-in-law, the wife of Richard Elvin to be brought up by her. He mentions his daughter Sarah, his sisters, the wife of Joseph Young and the wife of Thomas Moore of Salem.

On 2 May 1649, the general court ordered the executors to put the boy forth in this country, as Mr. John Phillips had declined to receive him. The two daughters also unless Mr. Elvin should prove willing to receive them..1 Christopher departed this life after 19 June 1647 in Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts.


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