Eliphal Wright1,2

F, b. circa 1681
FatherJohn Wright b. c 1639, d. 1707
MotherMary Townsend b. c 1657
     Eliphal was born circa 1681 in the Town of Oyster Bay, Queens County, Long Island, New York. Eliphal married Henry Townsend III, son of Henry Townsend II and Deborah Underhill, circa 1703 in the Town of Oyster Bay, Queens County, Long Island, New York. He was apparently a young man of promise, prominent for his years. He was judicious and prudent in the management of his own affairs. He was a surveyor. Eliphal married Daniel Wright, son of Edmund Wright I and Sarah Wright, on 5 May 1711 in the Town of Oyster Bay, Queens County, Long Island, New York. Eliphal married John Morris circa 1715 in Queens County, Long Island, New York.

Family 1

Henry Townsend III b. c 1680, d. 4 Sep 1709

Family 2

John Morris


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