Anthony Wright1

M, b. circa 1600, d. 9 September 1680
FatherNicholas Wright III b. c 1560
MotherMargaret Nelson
     Anthony was born circa 1600 in Barton Turf, County Norfolk, England. Anthony was never married. Anthony made his will 20 Third Month 1673 at the Town of Oyster Bay, Queens County, Long Island, New York.

"I Anthony Wrighte of Oysterbaye in the north Rydeing uppon Long Island In Yorkeshier being in perlctt memorie as my cast will and Testament doe heareby make my Loveing Sister Ales Crabbe of the same towns as above said my full and Sole executour giveing and bequeathing unto her all my whole Estate both of houseing Lands goods Cattles and Chattles of which I shall bee dieseased off; for her the said Ales to have hould pocesse and Injoye the same as her ovine propper or otherwise to Lett sell or dispose thereoff or of any part or parcell theroff as shee shall see meete and convenient without any molestation of any person or sons or by any actt or Actts hereafter by mee to bee made; Onely excepting out of ye saide estate such Legacies as here-after followeth the which I likewise give that is to saye unto my Brother Nicholas Wrighte five shillings & unto his wife Ann Wrighte I glue five shillings, & unto his Sonn Caleb Wrighte I give five shillings, sixpenc and to John Wrighte twoe shillings sixpence to Edward Wrighte two shillings sixpence to Rebeccah ffrost twoe shillings sixpenc to Sarah Lattin twoe shillings sixpence & to Mercie Cole twoe shillings six pence and to Deborah Wrighte twos shillings sixpence And to Giddeon Wright two shillings & sixpence to Elizabeth wrighte his wife five shillings to Addam wrighte twos shillings six pence & to his wife Mary wrighte five shilings to Jobe wrighte twoe shillings six pence unto Mary Andrewes twoe shillings six pence to Hannah Wrighte twos shillings six pence to James Townsend five shillings to his wife Elizabeth Town. send twos shillings six pence unto Liddia Wrighte two', shillings six pence, and unto Richard Crabbe five shillings allsoe I give unto Isaack Dotye one Cow, and this is my will and pleasure soe to doe and in Confirmation heareoff I have heareunto Sett my hand and Seale this twentieth daye of the thirde month Anno 1673.
Acknowledged and sighned and sealed & delivered in the pressence of vs: Matthew Priar, John Tilton Senr, Samuell Spicer, John Fekes, Oyster Bay Septemer 4th anno 1680
[New York Wills: Liber 1-2, page 400].

Anthony departed this life at the Town of Oyster Bay, Queens County, Long Island, New York.2 His will was probated on 8 December 1680.


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    The brothers remained at Saugus, or vicinity, until 1637, going from thence to Sandwich, in Plymouth Colony, at which place they remained until their final migration to Oyster Bay in 1653. While settled at Sandwich the brothers appear to have been quite active in the affairs of the settlement, in acquiring lands, and in the civic and social administration of that historic town on Cape Cod. (Oyster Bay Town Records. Vol. 1, pp. 102-103.) We have no date of marriage of Nicholas Wright, but it was probably at Sandwich that such a ceremony occurred. While living there children were born to both Peter, and Nicholas Wright.; pages 39-46 - Anthony Wright lived and died a bachelor. He was born in county Norfolk, England, in the first decade of the 17th Century, and was the second in age of the three brothers.; Anthony's Will.
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