Alice Wright1,2

F, b. 1614, d. before 13 October 1685
FatherWilliam Wright
     Alice was born in 1614 in County Essex, England. In August 1635, Alice left England aboard the ship, "Thomas", mastered by Captain Henry Taveaer, to travel to Virginia. Listed among the passengers was Alice Wright, aged 21 years.. Alice married Peter Wright, son of Nicholas Wright III and Margaret Nelson, in 1637 in County Norfolk, England. Alice's husband, Peter, died circa 1662 in Virginia, leaving her a widow. Alice married Richard Crabb on 14 September 1663 in the Town of Oyster Bay, Queens County, Long Island, New York. She made her will 22 April 1685.

"In the name of god I, Alice Crab of oyster Bay widow Being weak of body butt of sound and parfect memory Blessed be god, do ordain in this my last will and Testamt in manner and forger following.
Imp.. I give unto my Daughter Lydia Horner two shares of meadowing adjoining to a share of meadow once belonging to Nicholas Simkins in the towne meadow, wt two shares I had by will from my Brother-In law Anthony Wright
Ittem. I give to my Daughter Mary Andrews, and to my grandchild Job Townsend, all my lands, both upland and meadowing att the South, and aft the plains. to be equally Divided betwixt them all which sd lands as did once belong to my Brother Anthony Wright
Ittem. I give and Bequeath to my grandson Job Townsend one Bed and Beding the Bed that bath the pale ticking I give aft my Decease and one cow the Best of those I have att my Decease and I give my said grandson one Ew and lamb, one * pewter basin one little iron Kettle, one Beker of Pewter.
I. I give to my Daughter Mary Andrews two Beds with the furniture Belonging thereunto and once brass pan one warming pan and my biggest quart Kettle and three of the best pewter platters and the best pewter Basco and one stew pan and dutch flagon and one candle cup and one little baker and pewter candlestick and one Boa Chair.
Item. I give to my Daughter Lidia Horner one * chest one brass mortar and pestill one brass slatmmer and one pewter porosger one little brass Kettle and the brass great Kettle and one ffrying pan.
Itta n. I give and Bequeath to my Grand Daughter Alice Townsend one little iron pot and one pewter plate.
And It is my will that all my household goods not hear mentioned shall after my Decease be Equally Divided Betwixt my two Daughters Mary Andrews and Lidya Horner.
Item I give to my negro man one Calf one Iron Slallett and mare and his freedom and liberty I freely give him after my Decease he performing the Judgment given wader his hand to pay four pounds within the space of three years from the day of his freedom In Silver money to Simon Cooper and James Townsend for the use of my grandson Job Townsend, the son of the sd James Townsend to whom I give the sd money for him to enjoy when he come at age.
Item. It is my will that all my live creatures, or oxen, Cows, calves, steers, horses, mares, Hogs, sows, pigs, sheep and wt is more of same than is disposed of In this Will shall be to pay my Debts as I ow and the Remainder I give to be equally Divided betwixt my two Daughters Mary Andrews and Lidya Horner.
Ittem. I give to my three Sons Gideon Wright; Joab Wright and Adam Wright five shillings a * **
I do also apoint my two sons In law Samnell Andrews and Isaac Horner to be my trustees to see this my will faithfully performed to which as a testimony that itt is my last will I sett my hand and Seale this twenty second day of 2 month, 1685.
Signed and sealed in the prsence of us - John Dewsbury, Johan Dewsbary.

Alice departed this life before 13 October 1685 in the Town of Oyster Bay, Queens County, Long Island, New York. Her estate was probated on 13 October 1685 at a Court of Sessions, held at Jamaica.

Family 1

Peter Wright b. c 1596, d. c 1662

Family 2

Richard Crabb b. c 1594, d. b 9 Jun 1680


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