Nathaniel Woodward1,2

M, b. circa 1585, d. after 1661
     Nathaniel was born circa 1585 in England. Nathaniel married Margaret Lawrence on 16 September 1608 in Rushden, Northamptonshire, England.3 Nathaniel was a very strong Puritan and made his beliefs known, so much so that in 1632, an Ecclesiastical court ordered him to keep his teachings within his own home. He of course refused and was heavily fined. His brother, Ezekeial, also faced similar charges and harassments. At this point, the two brothers declared that they would no longer remain in England. Nathaniel had a very influential backer, however, Lord de Bradford, Castle Bromwich, who severely critized the court for their abitrary measures. The end result in these proceeding was that Royal Grants were given to the two brothers in Roxbury Massachusetts in 1642. Circa 1633, Nathaniel immigrated aboard the ship. Nathaniel was a noted mathematician and surveyor in New England. He was highly respected for his skills, and was in demand for his services throughout the colonies. Nathaniel departed this life after 1661 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.


Margaret Lawrence b. c 1590


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    , page 309 - NATHANIEL WOODWARD', surveyor for the Massachusetts Bay Colony, was in Boston by 1638/9. His first wife died in England, and he married in Boston, Massachusetts, Margaret, who survived him. He died in Boston after 1661.
    Children: By first marriage: Nathaniel, 1613-1694, m. 1. Mary Jackson & 2. Katherine; John, 1615-1688; Robert, 1618-1653, m. 1640, Rachel Smith; Sarah, 1620; Ezekiel, 1622-1699, rn. 1. 1650, Anne Beamsley, 2. 1672, Elizabeth (     ) Solart & 3. 1678, Sarah (Edwards) Piper (Rice).
    By second marriage: Thomas, 1639, m. 1. 1659, Mary Gunn & 2. 1661, Esther; Prudence, 1640/1, m. 1661, Christopher Mosse
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