Pieter Pieterse Winne1

M, b. circa 1641
FatherPieter Winne b. b 14 Apr 1609, d. b 7 Mar 1693
MotherAechie Jans van Schaick b. 1619, d. c 1642
     Pieter Pieterse was born circa 1641 in Ghent, Flanders, Netherlands. Pieter married Jannetje Albertz circa 1660 in New York. Pieter was sued by a Mr. Pretty on 2 March 1671 in the Albany ordinary court of sessions.2 Pieter's wife, Jannetje, died before 5 January 1682 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York, leaving him a widower. Pieter married 2nd Jannettje Arentsd Pier on 5 January 1682 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York, at the Dutch Reformed Church.3 He and his family resided in Esopus, Ulster County, New York.

Important Notes: Peter Jr.was the son of Peter Sr. and Aechie Jans. By 1660, his mother had already died and his father had remarried to Tannetje Adams. His siblings were all of this second marriage, according to his father's will. Some of them had to have been born before 1660, from inferences in the wills and from what few dates that are known. Therefore, making it Peter Jr. the one to marry Jannetje Albertz. It was the son of Peter Jr. and Jannetje Albertz that was christened in 1661. It was not Peter Jr. that was christened as some have stated. No further records have been found for Jannetje Albertz. It seems that Jannetje and her son died, and that Peter Jr. married for a second time in 1682, Jannetje Arentsd Pier; Peter stating on the marriage record that he was born in Caracao, West Indies. The first daughter of this marriage was named Aegie, which seems to be the same name as Peter Jr's mother. They also have a son, Peter, which seems to suggest that the Peter baptized in 1661 had died. Another way of looking at it, would be that the Peter born in 1661 was the Peter getting married in 1682, but it seems highly unlikely that the Peter of 1661 would have been born in Caracoa.

Family 1

Jannetje Albertz d. b 5 Jan 1682

Family 2

Jannettje Arentsd Pier b. b 12 Jan 1663


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    [48]. I, the undersigned, Pieter Winne, junior, eldest son of my father Pieter Winne, senior, acknowledge and declare that in love and friendship, without persuasion or deceit, I have well and truely agreed with my aforesaid father respecting the inheritence from my mother deceased; also that after my said father's death neither I, nor any of my heirs or assigns shall make any further claim thereto, either directly or indirectly, with or without legal proceedings, inasmuch as I acknowledge that I have received from my aforesaid father all that was heretofore agreed upon. I therefore thank him for good payment and release him and his heirs from all claims, the provision heretofore made in my father's will regarding that portion of the inheritence that was to come to me being hereby canceled and annulled. In witness of the truth of which, I have subscribed and sealed this without fraud or deceit, on the fourteenth day of September at Albany, 1689, being in the first year of the reign of our sovereign majesties of Great Britan, William and Mary.
    Was signed:
    Pr. Winne Junr. (L.S.)
    Signed, sealed and delivered
    in our presence,
    Dirk Wessels
    Albt. Ryckman Justices of ye Peace55
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