Sarah Wade

F, b. circa 1663
FatherRobert Wade I d. b 13 Nov 1694
     Sarah was born circa 1663 in South River, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, at All Hallow's Parish. Sarah married George Westall II, son of George Westall I, on 6 June 1678 in South River at All Hallow's Parish Church. Sarah's husband, George, died before 17 March 1702 in South River, leaving her a widow. Sarah married 2nd Joseph Burton on 29 July 1703 in Anne Arundel County.1 On 1 September 1730, Joseph, describing himself as a cordwainer of Ann Arundell County deeds his entire estate over to his "friend & Loving Son in Law Thomas Linthicum." Since Sarah is not mentioned, it appears she is no longer living as she would have to sign off any such deed.

Family 1

George Westall II d. b 17 Mar 1702

Family 2

Joseph Burton


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