Thomas Roberts1

M, b. circa 1454, d. before 15 April 1517
     Thomas was born circa 1454 probably in County Kent, England. Thomas married Elizabeth (?) circa 1477 in England. Thomas's wife, Elizabeth, died in Brenchley, County Kent, England, leaving him a widower. Thomas married 2nd Johne (?). Thomas's wife, Johne, died in Brenchley, County Kent, England, leaving him a widower. Thomas married 3rd Agnes (?) circa 1499. Thomas made his will on 11 March 1515 at Brenchley, County Kent, England.

The will of “Thomas Roberd of the parisshe of Brenchesle in the Countie of Kent was written on 11 March 1515. He asked for my body to be buried within the “churche of Brenchesle aforesaid befor seynt Jamys Aucter their Item I bequeathe to the herse light and the beme light xx£ of wex Item I ordeyn that myn executours shall kepe dirige and masse of Jhn with iii prests every Fryday the space of five Fridays next ensuing my decease every prest to have iiiid the Clerk iiiid And the children vid The masses to be seyd on seynt Jamys Aucter Item I ordeyn to every Prest being at myn owt beryng and mone this day and yeres mynde viiid And to every child that can syng his pleyn song iid Item I ordeyn to every pore man and woman being at my out berynng and mone this day that will take dole iid and to every child id I ordeyn xxs to be bestowed among pore people at my yeres mynde Item I ordeyn that ther be kept an Obite for my soule in said churche befor the seid Aucter of seynt Jamys the space of x yeris next after my yeris mynde and that ther be bestowed at every Obite vjs viiid Item I ordeyn that the next yere after my disceasse in lent season that ther be bake to brede a quarter of whete and half a barell of white hering to be given to pore peole with in the said parisshe of Brenchesle Item I bequeathe unto the Priour of ledys my Cosyn vis viiid and to every prest within the same house xiid And to every Novys ther iiiid to syng dirige and masse for my soule Item I bequeath unto Agnes my wyff my best bedd And half the instuffe that she brought unto me And the other half of the seid instuffe I bequeath unto George Roberd my son equally to be divided bitwen them conveniently nexte after my disceas Item I bequeathe unto Agnes Roberd Deonys Roberd and Margaret Roberd the doughters of Thomas Roberd my son to every of them x£ of lawfull money to their marriage. If any of them died before marriage, the survivors were to inherit. If all of them died before marriage, their legacy was given to son George. The rest of his goods, debts being paid, and bequeaths fulfilled, were given to son George, who was co-executor with Edmund Roberd of Hawkhurst. Son John Roberd was overseer, and given xl shillings. The executors and overseers were given xii pence for each day of labor involved in proving the will. The will of Thomas Roberd was that wife Agnes was to occupy the parlor with entry into the hall, kitchen and garden, to fetch water from the well, during her widowhood. Son George was given the principal messuage, and a tenement called Casemannys, with tenements purchased of Thomas Walter, on condition that he paid to grandson Arnell Roberd lx£ at age 24. If Arnell died underage, the money was given to George. George was also given lands bought of Thomas Donke, various pieces of land called Peturs, Betts, Knoks, Hunt Mede, Reynolds, Mownds, amd five acres bought of John Ongle and was given a piece of land called Melle Mede. The executors and overseer were to take the profits of the lands of late son Thomas Roberd, until Arnyll Roberd was age 21, paying Arnyll’s mother xl shillings yearly, according to the will of the said Thomas.2

Thomas departed this life before 15 April 1517 in Brenchley, County Kent, England. Thomas was laid to rest, with his three wives near him, in All Saints Church, Brenchley, County Kent, England. His will was probated on 15 April 1517. Thomas is noted on a plaque in the north aisle of the Brenchley church as having three wives: Elizabeth, Johne & Angi as well as 7 sons & 4 daughters were listed on a smaller plate. The names of the children nor to which wife were noted or over time had been so worn that they could no linger be read. This aisle had been the passage for the school children into church.

Family 1

Elizabeth (?)

Family 2

Johne (?)

Family 3

Agnes (?) d. b May 1532


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