George Underhill1

M, b. 1578, d. before 16 October 1625
FatherThomas Underhill b. 1545, d. b 7 Jun 1591
MotherMagdalen Amyas d. c Dec 1597
     George was born in 1578 at Kenilworth Manor, Warwickshire, England.2,3 George left Killingsworth for London and an apprenticeship in the Haberdasher’s Company, at that time known as one of the twelve “great companies” of London. A Latin record dated 22 November 1594 shows that “George Underhill, son of Thomas Underhill, of Killingsworth in the county of Warwick, gentleman, deceased” is put to John Walley, a citizen and haberdasher of London for a term of eight years. George did not remain in the apprenticeship for the full eight years, apparently deciding he was not happy in the haberdasher trade, and in the latter part of 1597, he “turned over” to the Barber-Surgeons’ fraternity, an apprentice of Andrew Wheatly. This “turned over” move from one trade to another was not an uncommon occurrence, as would be expected since it was young men finding what would suit them for a lifetime career. The only other record of George in this new occupation is dated 7April 1606 signifying the completion of the apprenticeship and of George becoming a freeman. There is no indication of the circumstances of how George practiced his trade. He apparently spent his adult life in the same vicinity has his siblings. George departed this life before 16 October 1625 in London, County Middlesex, England. He was buried at Westminister, London, County Middlesex, England, in St. Martin's-in-the-Field.


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