Margaret Tuddenham1

F, b. 1393, d. between 4 March 1475 and 3 March 1476
FatherSir Robert Tuddenham d. bt 30 Sep 1405 - 29 Sep 1406
MotherMargaret Harling
     Margaret was born in 1393 in Eriswell, County Suffolk, England.2 Margaret married Edmund Bedingfeld. Margaret's husband, Edmund, died before 20 July 1451 in the parish of Bedingfield at the Manor of Bedingfeld, leaving her a widow. Margaret made her will on 24 May 1474.

She bequeathed her body to be buried before the image of the Holy ross, near the alter of the Blessed Virgin, in the nave of the Church of St. Peter, of Ereswell; forty pounds for vestments, books, and necessary ornaments, and to the repair of the said church; fifty-three shilling and four pence for a vestment, in which her chantry priest was to officiate on high festivals, before the alter of the Blessed Virgin. To St. Lawrence’s Chapel at Ereswell, fifty-three shillings and four pence; ten marks to the poor dwelling in her Manor of Ereswell; an house with gardens, pastures, meadow grounds, and forty-two acres of land, with liberty of salvage, for a chantry priest to officiate daily in the of St. Peter for her soul, and that of her father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, husband, children, brother, etc; to the Monastery of Brusyard, in Suffolk, where her mother was buried, one hundred shillings, and to the Augustine Friars, in London, where her brother Thomas was buried, twenty pounds; desiring that a good and descent marble stone should be bought to cover his body, and that the residue should be divided amongst the Friars there. To the church of Bedingfeld, where her husband was buried, forty-six shillings and eight pence for a vestment, in memory of her and her husband. Other bequests follow, to the Friars Minor at Babewell, the Carmes at Ispwich, the Friars Preachers at Thetford, the Augustine Friars and the nuns there. To the repair of Bedingfeld nunnery, ten shillings. A silver cup to the alter of the Blessed Virgin at Ereswell. To every priest attending at Mass on the day of her sepulture, eightpence; and to the Lady Alice Tuddenham [her sister], a nun at Crab House, ten marks.3

Margaret departed this life the 15 year of Edward IV. in Eriswell, County Suffolk, England.4 She was buried at Eriswell, County Suffolk, England, in the Church of St. Peter. Her instructions for her burial were: "before the image of the Holy Cross, near the alter of the Blessed Virgin."


Edmund Bedingfeld d. b 20 Jul 1451


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