Richard Truesdale1

M, b. 16 July 1672, d. 24 October 1707
FatherSamuel Truesdell b. 6 Feb 1644/45, d. 2 Mar 1694/95
MotherMary Jackson b. 7 Sep 1653, d. a 1700/1
     Richard was born on Saturday, 16 July 1672 in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. He was married shortly after his father's death. Richard, a weaver, lived in nearby Dedham. Although he was the eldest son, he did not participate actively in the administration of his father's estate, but left that to next oldest brother, Samuel Jr. It is inferred that he permitted his mother and her other children to occupty the original homestead in Newton, although he did acquire the adjacent "mansion house and barn" with 40 acres which was the former Elijah Kenrick home. Subsequently, he sold this tract to Elijah Kenrick, Jr. for £80 (Middlesex Deeds XII, 602). About 1702. he moved from Dedham to Mashamughet Purchase near Woodstock, first called New Roxbury, which at that time was under the jurisdiction of Massachusetts. Richard married Mary Richards, daughter of John Richards and Mary Colburn, on 24 February 1696/97 in Dedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.2 He and Mary were blessed with 5 children. On 14 October 1697, Mary & Richard were granted administration of Benjamin Fairbanks estate [Mary's 1st husband]. Richard departed this life on Monday, 24 October 1707 in Woodstock, Windham County, Connecticut.3


Mary Richards b. 23 Jun 1675, d. 26 Mar 1733


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