Elisabeth Trottier

F, b. 1665, d. circa 6 April 1699
FatherJulien Trottier b. c 30 Mar 1636, d. b 21 Sep 1670
MotherMarie Sedilot b. c 21 Oct 1644, d. bt 9 Jan 1685 - 20 Jan 1687
     Elisabeth was born in 1665 in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. A contract for the marriage of Elisabeth & Nicolas Rivard dit Lavigne was signed on 20 November 1678 in Quebec, Canada. It was drawn up by their notary, Jean Cusson. It noted Nicolas' parents as Nicolas Rivart de Lavigne & Catherine Saintper. And noted Elisabeth's parents as the late Julien Trotier & Marie Sedilot..1 Nicolas and Elisabeth had children: Nicolas [6/01/1680-7/15/1683], Marie Jeanne [10/14/1681-6/29/1683], Nicolas [7/24/1686-9/25/1729][m. 1/09/1724 Marie Joseph Raux], Michel [9/10/1687-2/24/1762], Julien [2/06/1689-3/04/1767][m. 5/02/1725 Genevieve Gervais], Antoine [10/12/1690-3/03/1778][m. 10/12/1724 Marie Anne Josephe Trottier], Pierre [9/08/1692-7/25/1760][m. 6/05/1724 Marie Josephe Mercereau], Jean [4/16/1694-8/04/1774][m. 11/22/1729 Marie Josephe Gervais], Francois [1/20/1696-3/11/1704] & Nicolas [2/05/1698-9/02/1698].2 1681, Elisabeth and her husband, Nicolas, were listed on the Canadian Census in Batiscan, Les Chenaux County, Quebec, Canada. Enumerated in this household were Nicolas Rivart [26 years], Elisabeth Trottie [16 years] & Nicolas [1 year].3 Elisabeth departed this life in Batiscan. She was buried there in the churchyard of St-Francois Xavier on Monday, 6 April 1699.4


Nicolas Rivard dit Lavigne b. c 2 May 1654, d. c 2 Dec 1719


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