Antoine Trottier

M, b. circa 21 January 1640, d. 5 December 1706
FatherJules Trottier b. 1591, d. c 10 May 1655
MotherCatherine Loiseau b. 1596, d. c 28 Jan 1656
     Antoine was born in the village of Ige, Belleme, Orne, Normandy, France. He was christened there on 21 January 1640 in St-Martin Church.1 He immigrated with his parents arriving in September of 1646. In 1660, Antoine went on an expedition into what is now Wisconsin with several others and did not return to Quebec until 1663. His role on this trip was to trade for furs with the native Americans.2 A contract for the marriage of Antoine and Catherine Lefebvre was signed on 2 September 1663. It was drawn up by their notary, Severin Ameau. It notes Antoine is a resident of Cap-de-la-Madeline, originally from St-Martin, Perche & his parents being the late Julien Trottier & the late Catherine Loyseau. It also notes Catherine resides at Trois-Rivieres & her parents being Pierre Lefebvre & Jeanne Aunos.3 Antoine & Catherine had children: Joseph [1668-12/20/1713][m. 2/18/1700 Francoise Cuillerier], Michel [1670][m. 5/03/1700 Agnes Godefroy dit Delinctot & 2nd 10/27/1715 Theresee Mouet], Pierre [1672-4/12/1736][m. 10/12/1699 Catherine Charest], Noel 1674-4/14/1720][m. 1/10/1702 Marguerite-Therese Fafard], Francois Marie [1676-4/20/1744][m. 2/06/1703 Marie-Anne Gouin & 2nd 4/12/1714 Francoise Mercereau], Marie Catherine [1678-2/26/1731][m. 4/03/1696 Jean Cuillerier & 2nd 5/27/1714 Francois-Marie Picote], Antoine [1/12/1681-11/18/1733][m. 1/20/1708 Marie Charlotte Mercereau & 2nd 8/16/1717 Marie-Anne Sicard], Marie-Anne [4/22/1682-7/08/1738][m. 6/08/1697 Raymond Martel & 2nd 2/14/1712 Louis-Odet Depiercot], Jean-Baptiste [4/22/1685-3/081696], Julien [6/19/1687-7/15/1737][m. 1/09/1718 Marie Louise Catherine Raimbault], Alexis [10/21/1688-6/05/1769][m. 1/06/1735 Marie-Louise Roy & 2nd 12/30/1739 Catherine Godfroy] & Paul [9/30/1692].4 Antoine formed fur trading associations, becoming very rich in the process and becoming one of the most important merchants in the colony. He used his wealth to have private tutors for his sons, several of whom, as their father had done, became fur trading merchants.5,6 1681, Antoine and Catherine were listed on the Canadian Census in Batiscan, Les Chenaux County, Quebec, Canada. Enumerated in this household were Antoine Trottier [42 years], Catherine Lefebvre [33 years], Joseph [13 years], Michel [10 years], Pierre [8 years], Noel [7 years], Francois [5 years], Marie [3 years], Antoine [1 year] & servant: Elisabeth [14 years].7 Antoine's wife, Catherine, died on 29 November 1705 in Batiscan leaving him a widower. Antoine departed this life on Sunday, 5 December 1706 in Batiscan. He was buried there in the churchyard of St-Francois Xavier on Monday, 6 December 1706.8


Catherine Lefebvre b. c 4 Dec 1648, d. 29 Nov 1705


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