Westall Ridgely1

M, b. 1706, d. before 2 June 1772
FatherWilliam Ridgely II b. c 1678, d. b 10 Jun 1719
MotherJane Westall b. 8 Sep 1682, d. b 11 Mar 1749
     Westall was born in 1706 in South River, Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Westall married Sarah Isaac, daughter of Richard Isaac and Sarah Pottenger, circa 1733 in Prince George County, Maryland. Westall's father died intestate and his brother William inherited by law the estate. William, out of brotherly love, gave to Westall "Ridgely's Chance" in Fredrick County, Maryland on March 17. 1727. This plantation was located on a branck of the Patuxent River. He later settled in the middle section of Fredrick County where he remitted quick rents on "Ridgley's Rest" & "Resurvey" on "Ridgely's Rest" until his death. His will was probated June 2, 1772. In it he leaves all his land including 125 acre "Ridlgley's Rest, his home plantation & his entire personal estate to his wife. Upon Sarah's death, the estate was to be divided up among his children. The landed estate included "Ridgley's Rest" of 55 1/2 acres, "Ridgley's Delight" of 215 acres. Westall made his will on 29 August 1765 at Frederick County, Maryland. To wife Sarah all land during life including 125 acres of "Ridgely's Rest", the dwelling plantation, and the entire personal estate; at her decease the estate to be divided among the following children: Westall, Sarah, William, Jane Diverela, Isaac, Jacob, Alice, Martha, Richard, and Jemina. The two youngest children: Richard & Jemina in the event of his widow during minority were to select their guardians from among their brother or sisters and to have schooling. The widow died 11 December 1789. Westall departed this life before 2 June 1772 in "Ridgely's Chance", Frederick County, Maryland.


Sarah Isaac b. 1714, d. 1789


  1. [S98] Harry Wright Newman, Anne Arundel Gentry, Volume III: pages 156-157 - Westall b. circa 1706 Anne Arundel County, after the death of his father on 17 March 1727 his brother William, who by law acquired the landed estate, conveyed for natural affections and brotherly love the plantation "Ridgely's Chance" lying on a branch of the Patuxent. He married Sarah b. 1714, the second daughter of Richard & Sarah [Pottenger] Isaac of Prince George's County. [written in: Sarah d. 11 December 1789] Last will & testament written 29 August 1765 & probated 2 June 1772.