Robert Townsend1

M, b. circa 1682
FatherHenry Townsend II b. c 1649, d. b 1703
MotherDeborah Underhill b. 29 Nov 1659, d. 30 Jan 1698/99
     Robert was born circa 1682 in the Town of Oyster Bay, Queens County, Long Island, New York. Robert is said to have had a son Henry. There does not appear to be any information on who he married or any other children.


  1. [S124] A Memorial of John, Henry, and Richard Townsend & their descendants., page 192 - ROBERT, SON OF HENRY 2D, Received from his father a part of the saw-mill at Mill Neck, and land near there, together with the house standing upon. the bank east of the mill. He was a merchant, but not successful, and sold most, if not all, of his property there during his life. He was elected for many successive years to take charge of intestate estates. He had a son Henry, of whom we know only the name. Dr. P. Townsend says that about 1800 a descendant of his (he does not say in what generation), named Henry, kept a school in New York, whose son John was a midshipman, and died on the coast of Africa.