Miss de Totnes

F, d. before 1135
FatherJuhel de Totnes d. bt 1123 - 1130
     Miss de was born in Devonshire, England, at the barony of Barnestable. She married Henry de Tracy, son of William de Tracy, at Devonshire, England.1 Miss departed this life before 1135 in Devonshire, England, at the barony of Barnestable.2


Henry de Tracy d. c 1164


  1. [S1394] Feudal barony of Barnstaple, source - Sanders, I.J., English Baronies, Oxford, 1960 - the other de Totnes sister, whose name is unknown, married Henry de Tracy (d.pre-1165), leaving a son and heir Oliver de Tracy (d.circa 1184), who in 1165 was charged scutage on 25 knights' fees for his moiety.
  2. [S1395] Untitled ENGLISH NOBILITY T - Z: Tracy Family of Barnstable, Devonshire - Her marriage is confirmed by an undated charter which confirms that her grandson "domini Henrici de Tracy" requested a daily mass at Pilton St James, for the souls of "Henrici de Traci avi sui et Oliveri patris sui et Hawysiæ avæ suæ"[153]. m secondly (after [1130/35]) as her second husband, CECILY de Rumilly - http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/…