Roger de Tosni1

M, b. circa 988, d. before 31 May 1039
FatherRalf de Tosni I b. c 963, d. c 1024
     Roger de was born circa 988 in Tosni, Normandy, France. In 1013, Roger and his father were charged with guarding the castle at Tillieres for Richard II, the Duke of Normandy, and were in favor with the Duke. However, in a few years, they apparently had fallen out of favor and were exiled, possibly because they were seen as being too powerful and possibly dangerous adversaries. Soon after the exile and possibly because of it, Ermessenda, countess of Barcelona, after the death of her husband, summoned him to northern Iberia to help in defending her power structure against the Muslim threat. Roger rushed to her aid and began a campaign of terrorizing the Muslim Saracens, recapturing several towns and castles. He gained the nickname of “Manguer de Maures” [Moor Eater] by actually cutting a prisoner in half and forcing the remaining prisoners to eat one half and pretended to take the other half into his own tents and to eat it. Prisoners were then allowed to escape to take the tale back to their comrades. This of course had a huge effect on the willingness of the Saracens to fight and accounted greatly in Roger’s success. While aiding the countess, he also married her daughter.2 Roger married Adelaide Borrell of Barcelona, daughter of Count Ramon Borrell (?) of Barcelona and Countess Ermesende de Carassonne of Barcelona, circa 1019 in Barcelona, Spain. Before 1024, Roger and his father regained favor with Richard, Duke of Normandy, and were allowed to return to Normandy. Soon after his return, Roger founded Conches-en-Ouche, its church of Saint-Foy, and finished with the abbey of Saint-Pierre de Castillion about 1035. This was the first of the baronial foundations in Normandy, as before this, only the Duke of Normandy himself could found an abbey. This alone signifies the high regard and power that the Toeni family enjoyed. After the death of Robert I, Duke of Normandy, there were troubled times in Normandy. There were civil wars and crises arising from nobles not accepting William as the new Duke; Roger and many others, objecting because he was a bastard child. Because of the upheaval, Roger took advantage and ravaged neighboring lands, especially those of Humphrey of Vielles. Eventually Humphrey sent his son Roger to do battle with Roger of Toeni. Roger departed this life before 31 May 1039 in Normandy, France. In a battle with Roger de Vielles, he and his two eldest sons were killed. He was buried at Conches, Seine-et-Marne, Ile-de -France, France.1


Adelaide Borrell of Barcelona b. c 1003


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