William Thomas

FatherMr. (?) Thomas
     William was born in England. They resided in the parish of St. Katherine's by the Tower, London.

Additional Notes: Possibly the son of William:
Will of William Thomas dated: 27 October1609 - cousin of Robert Thomas & James Feake
"In the name of God, Amen. The seven and twenieth day of October a thousand six hundred and nine and in the seventh year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord James by the grace of God of England, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith and of Scotland the three and fortieth. I, William Thomas, of the parish of St. Katherine's nigh the Tower of London, servant to the King's magesty being at this time in good health and perfect mind and memory, praise be given unto God do make and declare this my present last will and testament in manner and form following. First, I commit my soul into the hands of God jAlmighty ___ by His grace sealed unto me in the death of His only son and my Lord and Redeemer. The ___ Christ to be clothed and covered with His righteousness and by faith in His blood to obtain ever lasting life and salvation. And my body I comimit unto the earth to be decently buried in the ground churchyard in St. Katherine's as near as maybe to the place of my former wife and children were laid. And touching my wordly goods and substance whereof God hath made me a steward. My will is that they shall be disposed in form following: That is to say first, my mind is that my loving wife, Sara Thomas, shall have and ___ to her and her assigns the house where I now dwell in St. Katherine's aforesaid with all the appurtenances there unto belonging for such terms of years as I have to come in the same. And also, those my three tenements which be now in several occupations of Allen Montgomery, Thomas Lot, and his tenant. And the lease that I hold in the name of one house made from one Mr. Mabbe to me in my own name and all my right and in ___ therein. And I do further give and bequeath unto the said Sara, my wife, all my goods, chattels, and household stuff whatsoever which are within my said dwelling house except such part thereof as I shall expressly otherwise dispose of by this my present will and which hereafter I shall give away by word of mouth or writing. And as concerning the lease I hold of divers tenements in Bush Ally in St. Katherine's aforesaid made to one Arnold Newnar and passed to me by convenience I give and bequeath that lease and all the tenements and grounds that I hold thereby unto my loving cousin, William Thomas, of East Smithfield, in the county of Middlesex. ___ and Suzan, his wife, and to the longer liver of them except one room now in the occupation of the afore named Thomas Lee, which is parcel of the premises by me before given to my said cousin, William Thomas, which room my will is shall remain unto the said Sara, my wife, during the time of the said lease granted from Arnold Newnar and that the quarters rent that shall onto ___ for the same tenements in Bush Alley next afer my decease shall be paid unto the said Sara, my wife. And for one obligation I have to me made from my cousin, Robert Thomas of London, draper, and William Thomas, his son, wherein they stand bound to pay to my executors or assigns three hundred pounds lawful money of England within six months after my decease. My will is that the said sum of three hundred pounds by my executors hereafter named in form ensuing That is to say I give and bequeath unto the four children of my said cousin William Thomas dwelling in East Smithfield ten pounds a piece to every of them, to be paid them out of the said sum of three hundred pounds immediately after the receipt of the same. Item I give and bequeath to my cousin Thomas Ludson ten pounds thereof, and to his daughter six pounds thereof and to my cousin Agnes the wife of William Thissleton twenty pounds thereof and to her two sons five pounds a piece thereof, and to my cousin Margaret the wife of Willliam Ropner twenty pounds and to her two daughters five pounds a piece to be paid at their days of marriage or age of one and twenty years which shall first happen And to my cousin Richard Ludson in Lincolnshire I give five pounds over and above the ten pounds which I lent him which I forgive him also. Item I give and bequeath unto Robert Illingsworth dwelling in Lincolnshire ten pounds and to my cousin Lois Illingsworth and her sister Elizabeth five pounds a piece. And to and amongst the children of the said Richard Ludson Robert Illingsworth and Elizabeth sister of Lois I give and bequeath thirty pounds equally to be divided amongst them and to be paid them as they severally attain to one and twenty years of age or be married which shall first happen. To John Oxendall I give and bequeath six pounds. Item I give and bequeath to the poor of the french church in London six pounds. And my will and mind is that forty shillings more shallbe distributed by my said executors amongst certain poor preachers that want maintenance such as I shall name and appoint unto them provided always and my will and my mind is that my said executors shall not be charged to pay any of the legacies that I have before in these present bequeathed ______ mention was made of the said obligation until they or some of them shall _____ the said sum of three hundred pounds of as the same shall come to their hands. Item I further give and bequeath unto the said Sara my wife all such sum and sums of money as is owing unto me by any person or persons whatsoever other by statute, bond or otherwise together with all other my goods chattells and substanance whatsoever it be my debts which I owe being paid, all things concerning my funeral performed and the legacies that I shall hereafter give being thereout performed, I say I give the same unto the said Sara my wife. And I do make the said Sara my wife, my cousin James Feke of London Goldsmith, the said William Thomas my cousin dwelling in East Smithfield and Edmund Ansell my kinsman my true and lawful executors of this my present last will and testament And I give unto the said James Feke and Edmund Ansell either of them a silver cup of eight ounces to be gilt for a token of remembrance. And I do constitute my afore named cousin Robert Thomas of London, draper and my cousin John Thomas of St Catherine's supervisors or overseers of this my present last will and testament. And I give and bequeath unto the said John Thomas my furred gown, and I do utterly forsake all former wills by me other made or spoken. In witness whereof I the said William Thomas have hereonto set my hand and seal upon the day and year aforesaid.
William Thomas Sealed and Delivered after the underlining of these words viz thoust will pay to forty shillings more the poor of St Catherines in funeral places within this will in the persons of me Thomas Abbot for John Groene & Thomas Lee."1


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