John Thomas

M, d. before 12 September 1613
FatherRobert Thomas b. c 1547, d. 8 Jun 1610
MotherJudith Fisher d. 5 Mar 1589
     John was born in London, County Middlesex, England. He was a draper. John made his will on 8 September 1613.

I, John Thomas, citizen and draper of London. To be buried in the parish church of St. Nicholas, near Lumberdstreate in London as near the place where my late father and mother are buried as possible. At the funeral there is to be asermon preached by Mr. Daye, sometimes preacher in St. Magnus Church near New Fish Street, London, to whom I give 40 s. there is owning to me the sum of £500 by Sir George Southcott, knight, of the legacy of my late father Robert Thomas, deceased. From the £500:--
to Sir George £5, to his wife Dame Sara Southcott £5, to their son, Robert Southcott £50, to my sister, Mrs. Feake, wife of James Feake and his children £150 equally amongst them, to my brother, Humphrey Thomas £50, to Sarra Hill, wife of Richard Hill, draper, £100. To my brother, Humphrey Thomas £5. To my uncle William Thomas and his wife 40 s. a piece for rings.
To Thomas Agar, Clothworker, £5. To Thomas Astley 40 s. To John Maxwell 40 s. To my loving brother-in-law, James Feake, Goldsmith _______?. To my friend William Sales, merchant tailor, a ring with a ruby.
Executer: James Feake
Overseers: My brother Humphrey Thomas, my uncle, William Thomas.
Witnesses: Edward Charnock, writer; Watson and Thomas Wannerton, servant to the writer.1

John departed this life before 12 September 1613. John was laid to rest on Thursday, 12 September 1613 in St. Nicholas Acons Church, London, County Middlesex, England, near the graves of his parents.2 His will was probated on 15 September 1613.


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