Sarah Symmes1,2

F, b. before 24 January 1625
FatherReverend Zachariah Symmes b. 5 Apr 1599, d. 4 Feb 1670/71
MotherSarah Baker d. 1676
     Sarah was born in London, County Middlesex, England. She was christened there on 24 January 1625 in St. Antholin Church. She was admitted to the Church of Christ in Charlestown on 17 April 1642. Sarah married Rev. Samuel Haugh circa 1649 in Charlestown at the Church of Christ. After their marriage they resided just outside Boston, in Reading [later known as Wakefield], where her husband was ordained paster 26 March 1650. Samuel & Sarah had children: Sarah [4/30/1650-2/09/1651], Samuel [9/18/1951-6/25/1679][m. Ann Rainsford], Sarah [2/25/1653-1/17/1787] [m. Obidiah Walker 7 2nd 2/26/1678 Ephraim Savage], Zachariah [8/22/1654-9/111654], Mary [12/23/1655-11/21/1726] [m. John Smith & 2nd Thomas Baker], Elizabeth [ -2/16/1683][m. Capt. John Hebert] & Rebecca [3/20/1661-6/23/1661]. Sarah's husband, Samuel, died on 30 March 1662 in the house of his brother-in-law, Hezekiah Usher, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, leaving her a widow.1 Sarah married 2nd Rev. John Brock on 14 November 1662 in Reading. She was the widow of the Rev. Samuel Haugh.

Family 1

Rev. Samuel Haugh b. b 23 Dec 1621, d. 30 Mar 1662

Family 2

Rev. John Brock b. 1620, d. 18 Jun 1688


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