Jane (?)

F, d. before 18 June 1578
     Jane was born. George married Jane (?) circa 1542 at County Norfolk, England. She was 1st married to a Mr. Hales. Jane's husband, George, died before 26 January 1575 in Tasborough, County Norfolk, England, leaving her a widow. Jane made her will on 11 June 1578.

I give and bequeath to the children of John Hales, my sonn to everie one of them three pounds. Also I give to the children of Jane Jepcian my daughter deceased to everyone of them three pounds for pense to be paid to evedrye one of them by my executors as is apresaid . . .
Item I give and bequeath to George Benedict my sonne five pounds to be paid hym within one years after my decease by my ecexutors two much neat my great indevor, one great brasse post, one brasse kettle, my pewter platters of my best two saucers, one posted bed with a featherbedd a boulsters two pillows and with all other things thereto belonging standing in my parlor to be devided. . . Item I give Johan Benedict my beloved child three pounds for pence to be paid immediatlie after my decease Item I give and bequeath to Anne Spence my daughter five pounds where of she have received alredy fortie shillings to be paid him by my executors within one year next after my decease one brass pot brasse kettle, one flock bed with a boister one pillow bed covering, one payer of blankyette . . . Item I give and bequeath to Elizabeth Lullum my daughter five pounds by myne executors to be paid her with in one year next after my decease two mych neate one featherbed with a boulster a bed covering, one blanquet and one pillow with a fehteredd boulster bedcovering . . . Item I give and bequeath ato Johan Lynd my daughter five pounds to be paid hir with one year after my deceased by my executors, two mych neate one brass pan next my greatest two pewter platters. . .1,2

Jane departed this life before 18 June 1578 in Norwich, County Norfolk, England, at 59 Woodstock.1 Her will was probated on 18 June 1578.


George Benedict d. b 26 Jan 1575


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