Henry Hunloke1

M, b. circa 1542, d. before 20 October 1612
FatherNicholas Hunloke , Esquire b. c 1510, d. b 12 Jul 1552
MotherElizabeth Barlow
     Henry was born circa 1542 in Wingerworth, Derbyshire, England. Henry married Margaret Walker, daughter of Nicholas Walker, on 1 February 1564 in London, County Middlesex, England, at St. Vedast Church, Foster Lane.2 Henry's wife, Margaret, died before 21 September 1601 in Wingerworth, Derbyshire, England, leaving him a widower. Henry married 2nd Edith Reresby after 21 September 1601 in England. Henry made his will on 13 July 1610.

Henry Hunlocke the elder of Wingerworth, Derby, gentleman, 13 July 1610, proved 1 February 1612. To be buried in the chancel of the parish church of Wingerworth, by Margaret my first and dear loving wife. To Edith my now wife my interest in the lease of the parsonage of Eaton in full extinguishment of all her right, title, interest etc. of all my goods etc; but my son Henry shall have and enjoy the rents etc. until the feast of St. Martin the Bishop in winter which shall be in the year of our Lord God 1611. I give and bequeath unto John Hunlocke, Denham Hunlocke and Thomas Hunlocke, the three sons of my cousin Thomas Henlocke, twenty nobles apiece . To Henry Bywaters children, which he now hath by my cousin Alice, twenty shillings apiece. To John Boare his son, which he hath by my cousin Margaret, twenty shillings. To Richard Wharton his three children, which he hath by Catherine his now wife, twenty shillings apiece. To my cousin Raphe Crich his children twenty shillings apiece. To Christopher Hunlocke and to Edward Hunlocke, sons of my brother Christopher Hunlocke, twenty shilllings apiece. To Rose Hopkinsons daughter twenty shillings. To Thomas Caltons children, which he had by Grace Northedge twenty shillings apiece. To my loving son, William Benedeke, forth shillings to buy him a ring for rememberance, and to my daughter, Ann Benedeke, twenty pounds at one and twenty years of age. To my son Henry Felles twenty pounds at one and twenty. Elizabeth Willy of Chesterfield, widow. My brother Mr. Anthony Bradshawe his children. My cousin Exuperius Bradshaw. My cousin Raph Clarke. Roseamond, Elizabeth and Ann Markham, three of my wife's daughters. Bedding my wife brought form Eaton. My son Henry to be executor and my brothers in law Mr. Godfrey Clarke and Master Anthony Bradshawe overseers.3,4

Henry departed this life before 20 October 1612 in Wrinehill, Staffordshire, England. He was buried in Wingerworth, Derbyshire, England, in the All Saints Church. His will was probated on 16 February 1612/13.

Important Notes: In the will of Henry Hunloke written 13 July 1610, he mentions "To my loving son, William Benedeke, forth shillings to buy him a ring for rememberance, and to my daughter, Ann Benedeke, twenty pounds at one and twenty years of age." For years, researchers have interpreted this as meaning Henry had a daughter, Ann, who married William Benedict.
Roberta B. Pierson has done some extensive work on this. She discovered that Henry's 1st wife, Margaret Walker, was 1st married to Nicholas Marsh in 1559 & they had a daughter, Judith. Nicholas died & Margaret married Henry in 1564. Judith married William Benedict & had a daughter, Ann. The son, William Benedict, Henry spoke of, was his step son-in-law. In that day, son was often used instead of son-in-law. And his daughter, Ann Benedict, was William's daughter, not that of Henry. Judith had died by the writing of Henry's will. There is no "Ann Hunloke". See Thomas Benedict for his ancestry. - klm.5,6

Family 1

Margaret Walker b. c 1543, d. b 21 Sep 1601

Family 2

Edith Reresby


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