Nicolas Pot

M, b. circa 29 December 1642, d. circa 1 July 1691
     Nicolas was born in St-Valery-en-caux, [near Dieppe], Seine-Maritime, Normandy, France. He was the son of Nicolas Pot and Marguerite Gilbert. He was christened there on 29 December 1642 in St-Valery Church.1 A contract for the marriage of Nicolas and Suzanne Neveu dit Pinel was signed on 25 March 1670.2 Nicolas and Suzanne had children: Pierre [1674], Nicolas [1678], Jean [ 6/17/1680], Marie [7/27/1681-8/13/1683], Francois 4/14/1684-9/08/1685], Francois Xavier [6/02/1686], Marie [8/10/1688][m. 1/17/1707 Martin Jeanne] & Jacques [3/06/1691-11/12/1691].3 October 1681, Nicolas and Suzanne were listed on the Canadian Census in Batiscan, Les Chenaux County, Quebec, Canada. Enumerated in this household were Nicolas Pot [40 years], Suzanne Neveu [30 years], Pierre [7 years], Nicolas [3years] & Marie [2 months].4 Nicolas departed this life in ville de Quebec, Quebec, Canada. He was buried there in the cemetery of Notre Dame on Sunday, 1 July 1691.5


Suzanne Neveu dit Pinel b. c 11 Oct 1655, d. 28 Jan 1727


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