Humphrey Peshall (Pershall)1,2,3

M, d. 3 June 1488
FatherSir Hugh de Peshall d. 1487
MotherJuliana Corbet
     Humphrey was born in Staffordshire, England. Humphrey married Helena Swinnerton, daughter of Humphrey de Swinnerton and Anna de Swinnerton, circa 1484 in England. Humphrey's whole adult life was spent in the turmoil of the War of the Roses, except for the last four years. The political differences between the branches of this family, that is the Horsley & Ranton branches [Lancaster] & the Kinlet branch [York], became so deep that the Horsley family began to use the spelling "Pershall" retaining the silent "h" so peculiar to the Cockney English. Humphrey departed this life on Sunday, 3 June 1488 in Chekeley, Staffordshire, England.


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